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What Should You Not Drink With An Enlarged Prostate? | St Pete Urology –

What should you not drink with an enlarged prostate?

What should you not drink with an enlarged prostate?An enlarged prostate, medically termed as Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia (BPH), is a common ailment among men, especially as age advances. It’s characterized by a multitude of symptoms including frequent urination, discomfort, and disturbed sleep due to incessant bathroom visits. As urologists at St. Petersburg, FL, we’ve observed a strong connection between this condition and lifestyle choices, particularly dietary habits — in this case, an “enlarged prostate diet”. The foods for an enlarged prostate can either soothe the discomfort or escalate the symptoms. However, what many often overlook are the drinks we consume.

Understanding the Link between Enlarged Prostate and Diet

The prostate is significantly influenced by what we consume. A diet heavy on meats and dairy, for instance, can exacerbate the symptoms of an enlarged prostate. Meanwhile, diet tips for prostate health often recommend fruits, vegetables, and lean proteins. Hydration, too, plays an essential role in managing BPH symptoms but it’s not as simple as drinking more fluids — it’s about what you’re drinking.

Drinks to Avoid for Individuals with an Enlarged Prostate

  • Alcohol can exacerbate the urinary symptoms of an enlarged prostate. It acts as a diuretic, increasing the need to urinate, causing discomfort for those with BPH. Regular heavy consumption could even lead to further enlargement and aggravation of the prostate.
  • Caffeine is a stimulant that gives your bladder a wake-up call. For individuals with an enlarged prostate, this means increased frequency and urgency of urination. Several studies have linked caffeine consumption to aggravated BPH symptoms, advising those with the condition to limit intake.
  • Sugary drinks pose a risk not just for your waistline but for your prostate health too. High sugar intake can lead to weight gain and obesity, factors associated with BPH. Moreover, these drinks may cause a spike in blood sugar levels, possibly exacerbating existing BPH symptoms.

Recommended Drinks for Individuals with an Enlarged Prostate

  • Water – Although some drinks can worsen BPH, staying adequately hydrated is crucial. Water flushes out toxins that could harm the prostate, limiting trips to the bathroom due to increased frequency and urgency.
  • Herbal teas like green tea are rich in antioxidants, helping to reduce inflammation and potentially decrease prostate size. However, remember that decaffeinated options are the best for those with an enlarged prostate.
  • Cranberry juice may help manage urinary symptoms associated with BPH. It contains bioactive compounds that potentially reduce BPH symptoms, but ensure to opt for unsweetened versions.


Maintaining a healthy diet is paramount in managing an enlarged prostate, and drinks play a significant part. While certain beverages can escalate symptoms, others can help manage them. Remember, these guidelines serve as a general introduction to the enlarged prostate diet, and each case is unique. As leading urologists in St. Petersburg, FL, we at St Pete Urology, encourage those with BPH to seek professional advice for personalized dietary recommendations to promote prostate health. Remember, your choice of beverage can make a significant difference. Drink smart, live comfortably.