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Triple-negative breast cancer attracts target innovation at AACR 

ARTICLE | Product Development

BioCentury identifies 44 new targets presented at meeting

By Lauren Martz, Executive Director, Biopharma Intelligence

April 20, 2024 12:36 AM UTC

It was a big year for translational breast cancer innovation at AACR, based on an analysis of the new drug targets presented at the annual conference. Triple-negative breast cancer was the focus of target discovery efforts, reflecting a drive to bring the same transformational outcomes gained in other breast cancer subtypes to TNBC.

BioCentury’s analysis of this month’s American Association for Cancer Research 2024 identified 44 molecular targets that were called out in their abstracts as a “new target” or a “novel target” and not yet addressed by any disclosed clinical or preclinical cancer programs in BioCentury’s BCIQ database. …