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Treatments Could Reduce The Burden Of Kidney Disease On Patients –

Saving money as well as lives

Last year, Kidney Research UK produced a health economics report, which estimated that, in 2023, the direct cost to the NHS of dialysis and kidney transplant was £1.05 billion (not including the £225 million spent on transport for patients on in-centre dialysis) and £293 million, respectively.  

As well as the benefits to health and quality of life, these new results from RaDaR suggest that tackling rare kidney diseases would dramatically reduce the demand for dialysis and transplant which would also have a huge economic impact on healthcare systems.  

Danny said: “This study underscores the importance of recognising the pivotal role rare kidney diseases play in the overall burden of kidney failure. I hope that this will be a call to arms to show how important rare kidney diseases are and the many potential benefits of focusing on these conditions. Treatments for many of these diseases are either available or in development, so I think we now have a golden opportunity to substantially reduce the burden, both for patients and the NHS, of kidney failure.” 

Elaine Davies, director of research operations at Kidney Research UK said: “As well as highlighting the importance of finding treatments for rare kidney diseases, these new results will allow patients and doctors to make more informed decisions about their care and will be invaluable for the planning of future clinical trials. RaDaR is a fantastic resource that has provided and will continue to offer vital insights into rare kidney diseases, and we are proud to support it.”