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The Real Reason Your Trial Isn’t Performing – Hear It from Your Site

Welcome back to our Throwback Thursday series, where we revisit some of the most insightful podcast episodes from the past. Today, we feature Ted Trafford, Director of Business Development at Probity Medical Research, discussing key issues undermining site momentum and innovation in clinical trials.

Confronting Site-Level Nightmares

The path of a clinical trial is littered with landmines, especially at the site level. Inadequate training is just the tip of the iceberg. Sites face convoluted protocols, execution frustrations, and sponsors treating trials as a mere checklist. These issues sap motivation, often leading sites to quietly abandon one problematic study for another. In most cases, it’s probably the sponsor’s competitor.

Ted emphasizes, “Training in our industry often just checks a box. When we step back and we look at the content that’s being provided, the fact that PIs are frequently having to do five, six hours of training before a study starts, is that individual actually trained because they were forced to just sit and watch a PowerPoint presentation and then take a quiz? Are they actually going to remember that information two years into the study? It’s a real challenge in our industry. Training is just one example of that.”

ProofPilot addresses these issues head-on by offering automated and engaging training content imbedded right into our Site and Patient Copilot. The platform provides study actions with API integrations for third-party systems and visit overviews that explain every activity and hidden study task. By offering a centralized document repository and a knowledge base, sites can quickly access the information they need, ensuring that protocol deviations are minimized, and data integrity is maintained. This approach guarantees that PIs and site staff can focus on their primary responsibility: the patients.

The Heart of Clinical Trials: Patient Experience

At the core of every groundbreaking clinical trial is the patient experience. Ted puts it best: “Participants love the direct contact with the site, the study coordinator, and the PI. They get more face time with medical professionals than in standard care, and that attention, that engagement, adds immense value to their clinical trial experience.”

Probity shakes things up by involving multiple physicians to allow patient flexibility and ensure quality time during visits to make the trial’s transformative potential crystal clear to the participant.

At ProofPilot, we prioritize effective communication. Our Site and Patient Chat features enable seamless, real-time collaboration, leaving clunky email chains in the dust. Our configurable platform offers specialized expertise and dedicated support, ensuring smooth implementation, training, and ongoing assistance for the pharmaceutical team.

Innovation at the Forefront

ProofPilot and Probity are redefining the clinical trial landscape by focusing on patient experiences and tackling site-level headaches. By offering flexible, site-centered solutions and ensuring robust support for patients, ProofPilot is transforming clinical trials into successful, life-altering journeys. As Ted aptly puts it, “Creating that life-altering experience for the patients in their time of need is why we do what we do.

Want to find out how we can help you elevate your site and patient experience? Contact us here!