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Tetrous Announces First Surgical Procedures Using EnFix Tac™ Demineralized Bone Fiber Implants to Enhance Enthesis Healing in Rotator Cuff Repair | BioSpace

LOS ANGELES, May 8, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — TETROUS, INC., a leading regenerative medicine company today announced that it has completed the first surgical cases using EnFix TAC™, its latest product that expands its line of EnFix™ implants to cover every surgical technique for rotator cuff repair.

“When it comes to surgical outcomes in rotator cuff repair, enthesis healing is one of the most critical factors.”

The EnFix product line is specifically designed to address Enthesis Failure Syndrome.

The EnFix technology utilizes proprietary demineralized cortical bone fibers to yield an osteoinductive and osteoconductive implant that promotes optimal biologic healing at the bone-to-tendon interface, resulting in reformation of the enthesis. With strong pre-clinical data and promising early clinical results showing healing at the bone-to-tendon interface, there is growing evidence supporting the applicability of the EnFix technology to address the unmet need for technology that can improve on the weak repair at the enthesis that is driving the high surgical failure rates in rotator cuff repairs.

The EnFix TAC is the second offering in the EnFix family of implants and is available in two configurations, TAC-O and TAC-T, to accommodate the varied availability of bony real estate based on the size of the rotator cuff tear. While the EnFix RC™ is designed to be used with suture anchors, the EnFix TAC options are specifically designed to deliver the same enthesis healing properties in a graft that is intended for use independent of a suture anchor or with all-suture anchors.

Nikhil Verma, MD, Professor and Director, Sports Medicine and Shoulder, Midwest Orthopedics at Rush, Head Team Physician, Chicago White Sox, who performed the first surgeries with the EnFix TAC said, “When it comes to surgical outcomes in rotator cuff repair, enthesis healing is one of the most critical factors. The EnFix implants address this crucial need with minimal disruption to the surgical procedure”. He continued, “I believe these products will have a transformative impact on surgical protocols in rotator cuff repair”.

Since June 2023, in the initial commercial release of the EnFix implants, more than 400 grafts have been implanted in over 200 surgical cases in the US and Australia.

“For me, the EnFix implants are a great solution as they add very little time to the case and are technically much easier to apply than other iterations of demineralized bone I have tried,” said Ferdinand Liotta, MD, Orthopedic surgeon at ValleyOrtho, Glenwood Springs, CO, the second surgeon in the USA to use the EnFix TAC. “The results from our experience with the EnFix products are very promising. I believe that the addition of this technology will help patients heal and decrease the risk of failure or re-tear.”

About Tetrous, Inc.
Founded in 2019, Tetrous, Inc. utilizes next generation advanced technologies for enthesis repair in sports medicine applications. The first offerings in the EnFix family of products are EnFix RC and EnFix TAC for rotator cuff repair. Tetrous was conceived from technology developed for spine surgery. The Company is employing and expanding the technology for novel applications in sports medicine. Its core technology has been used in over 100,000 implants in spine applications. The demineralized bone fiber technology used in Tetrous products is licensed exclusively for use in sports medicine from TheraCell, an ISTO Biologics Company. EnFix™, EnFix RC™ and EnFix TAC™ are trademarks of Tetrous, Inc.

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