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70,951 Step Challenge!

Will YOU take part in a sponsored walk, to complete 70,951 steps throughout June to raise vital funds for kidney patients and their families?

Date: 1st June – 31st June    Entry fee: Free   

Sponsorship: Raise £10 and receive an exclusive challenge t-shirt

👣 Walk 70,951 steps in June

🧡 Raise money to support people living with kidney disease

💪 Get active and improve your mental and physical health

👕 Get your exclusive Best Foot Forward t-shirt when you raise over £10

Why 70,951 steps? This number represents the total number of people in the UK with a kidney transplant or on dialysis.

Why take part?

In June 2023, participants in our Best Foot Forward challenge achieved an incredible fundraising milestone. The funds collected play a crucial role in sustaining a wide range of national patient support services that we provide. 

How your fundraising can help

£5 Donation – Your contribution of £5 helps us provide essential support to young kidney patients and their parents, ensuring they have access to necessary resources, information, and emotional support during their journey.

£10 Donation – A £10 donation enables us to operate the Home Dialysis Peer Support service nationwide, offering invaluable peer-to-peer guidance and support to kidney patients undergoing home dialysis, improving their quality of life and treatment outcomes.

£25 Donation – By donating £25, you help cover the printing and postage costs for distributing our free Helpline leaflets. These leaflets provide vital information and support to kidney patients and their families, ensuring they have access to accurate and helpful resources.

£50 Donation – With a £50 donation, you support our efforts to campaign and lobby for improved treatment and healthcare provisions for kidney patients. This includes advocating for policy changes, increased funding for kidney care, and better access to medical services, ultimately striving for a higher standard of care and improved patient outcomes.

Click the sign up buttons to view the registration form. If you experience any issues with our sign up form, please email [email protected] or call our office number on 01909 544999.