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Swiss Sophia Genetics to expand globally

Swiss Sophia Genetics has raised $110m, to expand marketing of its AI-driven cancer and genetic disease decision support platform globally.

Sophia Genetics intends to use its Series F financing led by Israelian aMoon, and Hitachi Ventures, and supported by Credit Suisse, the Pictet Group as well as new and existing investors to expand its browser-based AI data analysis platform to improve the diagnosis and successful therapy selection in cancer and genetic diseases. Using pattern recognition and self-learning algorithms, the Sophia platform identifies clinically relevant correlations and biomarkers in large sets of genomic and radiomic data and offers easy on-site handling of the digitised medical data via app or browser – an estimated $7-10bn addressable market within the biopharmaceutical industry.

In contrast to decision support competitors such as Roche/Foundation Medicine, the Swiss bioinformaticians’ big-data analysis platform is based on data and medical expertise of a huge network of clinicians from different clinical sites to improve its systems’ accuracy in diagnosing and treating genetic diseases: Using self-learning algorithms, Sophia Genetics’ platform enables clinicians to benefit from successful diagnoses  and treatments made or prescribed by colleagues.

Currently, 1,000 clinics regularly access the company’s database, which currently contains analyses of 600,000 patient genomes and a growing number of radiomic datasets in order to identify disease-relevant patterns in per-patient paid samples. Diagnoses and therapies are recommended on a basis of this growing amount of data and experience. Every month, a further 17,000 genomic datasets alone are added, from which the self-learning system deduces new disease-relevant relationships, makes these available to clinicians at various locations and recommends the optimal targeted therapy in each case.

The more the community and the database grows, the more accurate the data analysis should become.
After the company, which is based near Lausanne and Boston, has so far grown primarily in Europe, Sophia Genetics now intends to use the new capital to open up the US and Asian market for data-supported medicine on a broad basis.