State govts should carry forward all projects introduced by Centre to promote Ayurveda: Dr Ramanathan

State govts should carry forward all projects introduced by Centre to promote Ayurveda: Dr Ramanathan

Posted on November 17, 2023 Updated on November 13, 2023

On the occasion of National Ayurveda Day, the Ayurveda Medicine Manufacturers Association of India (AMMOI) has called upon the state governments that the constructive steps being taken by the Union Ayush Ministry to make Ayurveda system of treatment as an alternative treatment method for the world population should be taken forward by all state governments with due significance. Sharing their message to the nation with Pharmabiz, AMMOI general secretary Dr D Ramanathan said research and development on the efficacy of Ayurveda medicines for various diseases including lifestyle diseases are carried out by researchers in foreign countries along with the scientific improvements being taken by the Indian government. But the stakeholders feel that the governments of the states do not show the same spirit to promote the system among the people of the states to support the system’s growth. Dr. Ramanathan wanted the departments of Indian systems of all the states to show a supportive approach towards the country’s traditional method of treatment. AMMOI has sent messages with requests to all the state governments in the country on the National Ayurveda Day seeking all kinds of support for the growth of the system. Dr Ramanathan informed the governments that this ancient science of Ayurveda can cure many a disease but lack of awareness is the major bottleneck.AMMOI was the first association of Ayurveda practitioners in India that made a request to the union government to make the birth day of Lord Dhanwanthari as the National Ayurveda Day.Meanwhile, the general secretary of the Confederation of Herbal and Ayurveda Industries in Andhra Pradesh, Dr Bhanuprakash Vemula has also said that the support of state governments is very poor towards the growth of the system. He said a demand to constitute State Drug Technical Advisory Committees in all the states, on the lines of the central Advisory body, has so far not materialized and no government is interested in the formation of the committee. He said provided such a technical body is formed the issues of the manufacturers and the traders can be solved immediately without resorting to court of laws.Dr. Prakash further said several powder like raw materials have been banned by the government from using for the preparation of ayurvedic formulations. The government of India should review the matter in favor of the Ayurveda industry and remove the ban for the growth of the sector.

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