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Spravato, Auvelity launches show growth


Launches of two depression therapies approved in recent years are picking up 

By Selina Koch, Executive Editor

Bringing a new depression therapy to the market is no small challenge, and those that do get approved compete with a broad toolkit of generics. A look at three medications that gained FDA approval for depression indications since 2019 finds the launches of two growing steadily.

Sales of Spravato esketamine from Johnson & Johnson (NYSE:JNJ) started as a trickle, with the pharma not bothering to report them for the first few years. With growing societal acceptance of psychedelics and related psychoactive compounds such as ketamine, physicians becoming more familiar with therapy, and more payers willing to reimburse for it, Spravato sales have started to climb. The therapy’s quarterly sales rose from $70 million in 1Q22 to $183 million last quarter. …