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Senti Bio and Bluerock ink Regmed collaboration

Senti Biosciences and Bayer subsidiary BlueRock Therapeutics form strategic partnership to combine iPSC and gene circuit-engineered cell therapy platforms.

Under the R&D and licence option agreement, Bluerock will apply Senti Bio’s gene circuit technology to create engineered regmed cell therapies for a potentially broad array of therapeutic areas, including neurology, cardiology and immunology.

Under the terms of the agreement, Senti Bio will be responsible for designing, building and testing cell state- and disease- specific Smart Sensors and Regulator Dials for use in BlueRock Therapeutics’ regenerative medicine product candidates. BlueRock Therapeutics will receive the option to license gene circuits emerging from the collaboration for cell therapy products in specified indications. Upon option exercise, BlueRock Therapeutics will be responsible for conducting preclinical, clinical and commercialization activities for any cell therapy candidates that incorporate Senti Bio’s licensed gene circuits.“

Senti Bio is developing proprietary engineered gene circuits designed to reprogram cells to sense inputs, compute decisions and respond with outputs. The company’s four core categories of gene circuits in development include Smart Sensors, Logic Gating, Regulator Dials and Multi-Arming, each of which is designed to confer greater efficacy, precision and control to cell and gene therapies. These gene circuits are driving Senti Bio’s oncology-focused therapeutics pipeline and enable potential collaborations involving other cell and gene therapies.

BlueRock Therapeutics develops engineered cell therapies using a proprietary cell+gene platform. Genetically engineered induced pluripotent stem cells (iPSCs) provide a highly consistent and unlimited source for allogeneic cell therapies. These cells can be differentiated into a wide variety of therapeutic cell types to potentially treat diseases across neurology, cardiology and immunology indications, as well as others. BlueRock Therapeutics plans to apply Senti Bio’s Smart Sensor and Regulator Dial gene circuit technology platform towards the goal of developing highly sophisticated engineered cell therapies.