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SCOPE Europe 2023 Panel: From Concept to Reality—The eSource-to-EDC Revolution Gathers Pace

Interactive panel discussed the evolving area of data transfer and the usage of EHR-to-EDC.

In an interactive panel at SCOPE Europe 2023 in Barcelona, Spain, participants discussed the concept of eSource data captured in EHRs transforming the way clinical trials are being run. A video of the discussion can be found below.


Moderated by Mats Sundgren, PhD, senior industry scientific director, i-HD (European Institute for Innovation through Health Data), the panel members included Peter Casteleyn, director, clinical data collection solutions-EHR, The Janssen Pharmaceutical Companies of Johnson and Johnson, Paul Jacobs, associate director, development innovation, Regeneron Pharmaceuticals, and Joe Lengfellner, senior director, clinical research informatics, Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center.

The first question posed to the panel from Sundgren was around the challenges and opportunities each are facing in the area of data transfer. The participants highlighted data collection and quality as challenges. Specifically, the amount of data and the increasing workload it is creating for operational staff. However, there are opportunities to streamline these processes with new and improved technology.

The panel also focused on value-generation, which tied the conversation back to the earlier point on increasing workload. Organizations are trying to pinpoint the cost of queries and patient/site monitoring and how much time they are spending on them. What is the breakeven point for expending resources on these new technologies in order to achieve improved data transfer?

To conclude, the panel spoke on what the future could look like in this space. The panelists were in agreement that interoperability and adoption are trends stakeholders should be keeping top of mind in the next few years.