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Sartorius pays £415m for Albumedix Ltd

Sartorius Stedim Biotech has purchased the world’s largest human albumin producer Albumedix to broaden its product portfolio in animal-free cell media and to stabilise protein drugs.

Investors in biopharma equipment supplier Sartorius SE truly cannot complain about a poor news flow. Now, the fermenters and media specialists are expanding their portfolio with the British company Albumedix Ltd is one of the most important suppliers of recombinant albumin products that are in demand in the growth markets of cell therapies, virus therapies, medical device coatings, and vaccines. 

Sartorius subsidiary Sartorius Stedim Biotech is spending around £415m to acquire the previously privately funded Albumedix Ltd, which aims to generate around £33m in 2022 from the animal cell-free additive for cell culture media and stabiliser of vaccines and viral therapies. Sartorius is taking over the production facility in Nottingham at the same time.

“Albumedix is an important addition to Sartorius’ Advanced Therapies solution offering. This is especially true with regard to our cell culture media business, where Albumedix will enable us to strengthen our position as a relevant supplier of chemically defined media and critical components. This market offers high growth potential due to increasing regulatory requirements and the growing demand for recombinant human albumin in near-patient applications. With Albumedix, we are also adding important formulation aids to our range of solutions for vaccine production, enabling us to expand existing customer relationships and win new ones,” commented René Fáber, Executive Board member for Sartorius’ Bioprocess Solutions Division.