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SaMD Cleared by the FDA: The Ultimate Running List

Clearpoint System (Software Version 2.2) Clearpoint Neuro Inc. 11/27/2023 Neurology Brainomix 360 Triage Stroke Brainomix Limited 11/21/2023 Radiology Nemocast Software Nemotec S.L. 11/21/2023 Dental Ai Platform (Aip001) Exo Inc 11/17/2023 Radiology Axial3D Insight Axial Medical Printing Limited 11/15/2023 Radiology Briefcase-Quantification Aidoc Medical, Ltd. 11/13/2023 Radiology Clarius Bladder AI Clarius Mobile Health Corp. 11/13/2023 Radiology Briefcase-Quantification Aidoc Medical, Ltd. 11/8/2023 Radiology Contour ProtegeAI Mim Software Inc. 11/8/2023 Radiology Lunit Insight Dbt Lunit Inc. 11/6/2023 Radiology Aprevo® Digital Segmentation Carlsmed, Inc. 11/3/2023 Radiology SwiftMR Airs Medical Inc. 10/27/2023 Radiology Signalhf (Im008) Implicity Inc. 10/25/2023 Cardiovascular AI-Rad Companion Brain MR Siemens Medical Solutions U.S.A. 10/23/2023 Radiology Sonix Health Ontact Health Co., Ltd. 10/20/2023 Radiology Smartbolus Calculator Insulet Corporation 10/18/2023 Clinical Chemistry Titan Dental Design Clearadvance, LLC 10/13/2023 Dental Artemis, Artemis Tpo, Artemis Mx Eigen 10/12/2023 Radiology Vivio® LVEDP System Avicena, LLC 10/6/2023 Cardiovascular Scannav Anatomy Peripheral Nerve Block Intelligent Ultrasound Limited 10/6/2023 Anesthesiology Cmangio® V1.0 Curemetrix, Inc. 10/5/2023 Radiology Vuno Med-Deepbrain Vuno Inc. 10/4/2023 Radiology Terran Nm-101 Terran Biosciences, Inc. 9/29/2023 Radiology Brainomix 360 Triage LVO Brainomix Limited 9/28/2023 Radiology Low Ejection Fraction AI-ECG Algorithm Anumana, Inc. 9/28/2023 Cardiovascular Jazz Ai Medical AG 9/22/2023 Radiology Rology Teleradiology Platform (V.1.22.1103) Rology Inc. 9/20/2023 Radiology Impact Version 4 Impact Applications, Inc. 9/16/2023 Neurology Cleerly Ischemia Cleerly, Inc 9/8/2023 Cardiovascular Unisyn Molecular Imaging (6-3-1) Convergent Imaging Solutions 9/1/2023 Radiology Visable.Io Techsomed 8/28/2023 Radiology AIRAscore AIRAmed GmbH 8/25/2023 Radiology Natural Cycles Natural Cycles Nordic AB 8/24/2023 Obstetrics/Gynecology CUPTIMIZE™ Advanced Depuy Orthopaedics, Inc 8/22/2023 Radiology Cochlear™ Osia® System; Cochlear™ Osia® OSI300 Implant; Cochlear™ Magnet Cassette; Cochlear™ Non-Magnetic Cassette; Cochlear™ Osia® 2(I) Sound Processor; Cochlear™ Osia® Fitting Software 2; Cochlear™ Osia® Smart App Cochlear 8/18/2023 Ear Nose & Throat Spark Scan Spark Neuro Inc. 8/18/2023 Neurology Efai PACS Picture Archiving And Communication System Pro Ever Fortune.Ai Co., Ltd. 8/8/2023 Radiology Visirad Xr Imidex Inc. 8/3/2023 Radiology Bluestar And BlueStar Rx Welldoc, Inc. 7/28/2023 Clinical Chemistry Brainomix 360 Triage ICH Brainomix Limited 7/27/2023 Radiology Sonio Detect Sonio 7/25/2023 Radiology Andi Imeka Solutions, Inc. 7/25/2023 Radiology OptimMRI Rebrain, Sas 7/21/2023 Radiology Irregular Rhythm Notification Feature (Irnf) Apple Inc. 7/21/2023 Cardiovascular Uomnispace Shanghai United Imaging Healthcare Co., Ltd. 7/20/2023 Radiology Syngo.Ct Lung CAD (Version Vd30) Siemens Healthcare GmbH 7/19/2023 Radiology Trust Rgorithm Korea 7/18/2023 Dental Brainlab Elements Image Fusion, Contouring (4.5);Image Fusion (4.5);Fibertracking (2.0);Bold MRI Mapping (1.0);Image Fusion Angio (1.0) Brainlab Ag 7/14/2023 Radiology Jivex (Model Number / Release: 5.4) Visus Health It GmbH 7/14/2023 Radiology T3 Platform Software Etiometry, Inc. 7/7/2023 Cardiovascular Spine Camp™ (1.1) Medical Metrics, Inc 7/7/2023 Radiology Axial3D Insight Axial Medical Printing Limited 7/3/2023 Radiology Blood Establishment Computer Software And Accessories GPI USA, Inc. 6/26/2023 Hematology Bladder Ai (Aibv01) Exo Inc 6/22/2023 Radiology Tremoflo C2 Airwave Oscillometry System Thorasys Thoracic Medical Systems, Inc. 6/20/2023 Anesthesiology Hepafatsmart (V2.0.0) Resonance Health Analysis Services Pty Ltd 6/20/2023 Radiology Deepcatch Medicalip Co., Ltd 6/16/2023 Radiology Ib Lab Lama Ib Lab GmbH 6/16/2023 Radiology Iortho Shanghai Ea Medical Instruments Co., Ltd. 6/13/2023 Dental Cac Software Imbio, Inc. 6/13/2023 Radiology Ablamapâ® System Ablacon, Inc. 6/8/2023 Cardiovascular FEops HEARTguideTM, FEops HEARTguideTM ALPACA Feops Nv 6/6/2023 Radiology Huma RPM (RPM) Medopad Inc 6/2/2023 Cardiovascular Critical Care Suite With Pneumothorax Detection Ai Algorithm, Critical Care Suite 2.1, Critical Care Suite Ge Medical Systems, LLC 5/25/2023 Radiology Genius Ai Detection 2.0 With Cc-Mlo Correlation Hologic, Inc. 5/23/2023 Radiology Adas 3D Adas3D Medical S.L 5/23/2023 Radiology Autoplaque Cedars-Sinai Medical Center: Aim 5/19/2023 Radiology Deepx Dermosight Dermatoscope Deepx Health LLC 5/17/2023 General & Plastic Surgery Subtlemr (2.3.X) Subtle Medical Inc. 5/11/2023 Radiology Auto Segmentation Ge Medical Systems, LLC 5/4/2023 Radiology Samsung ECG Monitor Application With Irregular Heart Rhythm Notification Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd 5/2/2023 Cardiovascular Sis System Surgical Information Sciences, Inc. 5/2/2023 Radiology Carnalife Holo Medapp S.A. 5/1/2023 Radiology Ceevra Reveal 3 Ceevra, Inc. 4/25/2023 Radiology ICAC Device Bunkerhill, Inc 4/25/2023 Radiology Viewfinder Software Version 1.1 Elaitra Ltd 4/21/2023 Radiology Art-Plan Therapanacea Sas 4/19/2023 Radiology Autocontour Model Radac V3 Radformation, Inc. 4/14/2023 Radiology Cerebralgo Plus Yukun (Beijing) Technology Co., Ltd 4/13/2023 Radiology Ezra Flash Ezra Ai, Inc. 4/13/2023 Radiology Limbus Contour Limbus Ai Inc. 4/7/2023 Radiology Contour ProtegeAI Mim Software Inc. 4/6/2023 Radiology Formus Hip Formus Labs, Ltd 3/31/2023 Radiology Interview XP; Interview Fusion Mediso Medical Imaging Systems, Lttd. 3/29/2023 Radiology Radiolens V1.0 Synapsica 3/28/2023 Radiology Mpxa-2000 Medipixel, Inc. 3/22/2023 Radiology Accucontour Manteia Technologies Co., Ltd. 3/9/2023 Radiology Boneview Gleamer 3/2/2023 Radiology Rapid Ncct Stroke Ischemaview, Inc. 3/2/2023 Radiology AccuFFRangio Plus Arteryflow Technology Co., Ltd. 3/2/2023 Radiology AccuICAS Arteryflow Technology Co., Ltd. 2/28/2023 Radiology Caption Interpretation Automated Ejection Fraction Software Caption Health, Inc 2/24/2023 Radiology Tytocare Lung Sounds Analyzer Tyto Care Ltd. 2/24/2023 Anesthesiology Brainomix 360 E-Aspects Brainomix Limited 2/23/2023 Radiology 3D-RD-S Radiopharmaceutical Imaging And Dosimetry, LLC 2/22/2023 Radiology BoneMRI V1.6 MRIguidance B.V 2/22/2023 Radiology PMD-200 Medasense Biometrics Ltd. 2/17/2023 Anesthesiology Videa Perio Assist Videahealth, Inc 2/6/2023 Radiology Deltascan Monitor Prolira B.V. 2/2/2023 Neurology Atomica Planner Atomica Technology, Inc. 2/2/2023 Radiology Tinnitogram Signal Generator Goldenear Company, Inc. 2/1/2023 Ear Nose & Throat Lvivo IQS Dia Imaging Analysis Ltd. 2/1/2023 Radiology Rapid Rv/Lv Ischemaview Inc. 2/1/2023 Radiology Qoca Image Smart Cxr Image Processing System Quanta Computer Inc. 1/27/2023 Radiology Sim&Size Sim&Cure 1/27/2023 Neurology Tidepool Loop Tidepool Project 1/23/2023 Clinical Chemistry Clarius AI Clarius Mobile Health Corp. 1/23/2023 Radiology T3 Platform Software Etiometry. Inc. 1/6/2023 Cardiovascular Aview Coreline Soft Co.,Ltd. 12/23/2022 Radiology Saige-Density Deephealth, Inc. 12/16/2022 Radiology Braininsight Hyperfine, Inc. 12/16/2022 Radiology Star Apollo Mapping System Rhythm Al, Ltd 12/1/2022 Cardiovascular Echogo Heart Failure Ultromics Limited 11/23/2022 Cardiovascular Avenda Health AI Prostate Cancer Planning Software Avenda Health, Inc. 11/22/2022 Radiology Sis System (Version 5.6.0) Surgical Information Sciences, Inc. 11/21/2022 Radiology BoneMRI V1.4 Mrlguidance B.V. 11/16/2022 Radiology Syngo Dynamics (Version Va40F) Siemens Medical Solutions Usa, Inc. 11/14/2022 Radiology Luminopia One Luminopia, Inc. 11/4/2022 Ophthalmic UMR Omega With uWS-MR-MRS Shanghai United Imaging Healthcare Co.,Ltd. 10/27/2022 Radiology Intraop Vsp Software Device Xironetic, LLC 10/21/2022 Radiology Spine Camp™ Medical Metrics, Inc. 10/18/2022 Radiology Heartflow Analysis Heartflow, Inc. 10/14/2022 Cardiovascular AI-Rad Companion Organs Rt Siemens Medical Solutions Usa, Inc 10/14/2022 Radiology Genius Ai Detection 2.0 Hologic, Inc. 10/6/2022 Radiology Blood Establishment Computer Software And Accessories Diagnostic Grifols, S. A. 10/4/2022 Hematology QIR Suite Casis Cardiac Simulation & Imaging Software 9/30/2022 Radiology Cognet Qmtriage Medcognetics, Inc. 9/29/2022 Radiology Curesight-Cs100 Novasight Ltd. 9/29/2022 Ophthalmic Ns-Hglio Neosoma Inc. 9/27/2022 Radiology Somnometry Neumetry Medical Inc 9/21/2022 Neurology EyeCTester Neuro-Eye Diagnostic Systems LLC 9/7/2022 Ophthalmic Viz Rv/Lv Viz.Ai, Inc. 8/29/2022 Radiology MRI Planner Spectronic Medical AB 8/25/2022 Radiology Autocontour Model Radac V2 Radformation, Inc. 8/24/2022 Radiology MI View&Go Siemens Medical Solutions Usa, Inc. 8/19/2022 Radiology Clearpoint Maestro Brain Model Clearpoint Neuro, Inc. 8/8/2022 Radiology Transpara 1.7.2 Screenpoint Medical B.V. 8/3/2022 Radiology Customize 3D-Side SA 8/3/2022 Radiology Cvi42 Auto Imaging Software Application Circle Cardiovascular Imaging Inc 7/28/2022 Radiology Cochlear Osia 2 System, Cochlear Osia Osi200 Implant, Cochlear Osia 2 Sound Processor, Cochlear Osia Fitting Software 2, Cochlear MRI Kit Cochlear Americas 7/27/2022 Ear Nose & Throat Echopac Software Only, Echopac Plug-In Ge Medical Systems Ultrasound And Primary Care Diagnostics, 7/22/2022 Radiology Libby Echo:Prio Dyad Medical, Inc 7/20/2022 Radiology Zeus System (Zio Watch) Irhythm Technologies, Inc. 7/19/2022 Cardiovascular Braininsight Hyperfine, Inc. 7/19/2022 Radiology Naeotom Alpha, Scan&Go Software Siemens Medical Solutions Usa, Inc. 7/12/2022 Radiology Prostatid Scanmed, LLC 7/8/2022 Radiology Otoplan Cascination Ag 6/24/2022 Ear Nose & Throat Columbo Smart Soft Healthcare Ad 6/23/2022 Radiology T3 Platform Software Etiometry, Inc. 6/22/2022 Cardiovascular Art-Plan Therapanacea 6/17/2022 Radiology eCareManager 4.5 Visicu, Inc. 6/3/2022 Cardiovascular Atrial Fibrillation History Feature Apple Inc. 6/3/2022 Cardiovascular Rayvolve Azmed Sas 6/2/2022 Radiology Efai Cardiosuite Spect Myocardial Perfusion Agile Workflows Ever Fortune.Ai Co., Ltd. 5/31/2022 Radiology Rapid Lvo Ischemaview Inc. 5/31/2022 Radiology SwiftMR Airs Medical Inc. 5/25/2022 Radiology On3D 3D Ons, Inc. 5/23/2022 Radiology Saige-Dx Deephealth, Inc. 5/12/2022 Radiology MVision AI Segmentation MVision AI 5/3/2022 Radiology Efai RTsuite Ct Hn-Segmentation System Ever Fortune.Ai Co., Ltd. 4/28/2022 Radiology Alivecor QT Service Alivecor, Inc. 4/26/2022 Cardiovascular CER-S Cardiocalm Srl 4/25/2022 Cardiovascular AI-Rad Companion Brain MR Siemens Healthcare GmbH 4/15/2022 Radiology Fitbit Irregular Rhythm Notifications Fitbit Inc 4/8/2022 Cardiovascular EFAI Intelligent Cardiothoracic Ratio (iCTR) Assessment System Ever Fortune. Ai Co., Ltd. 4/4/2022 Radiology Deepvessel Ffr Keyamed Na Inc. 4/1/2022 Cardiovascular Customize 3D-Side SA 3/16/2022 Radiology Arterys MICA Arterys Inc. 3/14/2022 Radiology RI.Hip Modeler Blue Belt Technologies, Inc. 3/11/2022 Radiology Demetra Dermatoscope BDEM-01 Barco Nv 3/11/2022 General & Plastic Surgery Boneview Gleamer 3/1/2022 Radiology Zyter RPM Zyter, Inc. 2/11/2022 Cardiovascular Rapid Ischema View Inc. 2/8/2022 Radiology Micro C Medical Imaging System, M01 Oxos Medical, Inc. 2/4/2022 Radiology Veuron-Brain-Pab2 Heuron Co., Ltd. 2/4/2022 Radiology Contour ProtegeAI Mim Software Inc. 2/3/2022 Radiology Caption Interpretation Automated Ejection Fraction Software Caption Health 1/19/2022 Radiology Follicle Clarity Cycle Clarity 1/19/2022 Radiology Precise Image Philips Medical Systems Nederland, B.V. 1/14/2022 Radiology Eclipse Ii With Smart Noise Cancellation Carestream Health, Inc. 1/14/2022 Radiology Unid Spine Analyzer Medicrea International, Inc. 1/12/2022 Radiology Tomtec-Arena Tomtec Imaging Systems GmbH 1/6/2022 Radiology BoneMRI MRIguidance B.V 12/22/2021 Radiology Claritas Ipet Claritas Healthtech Pte Ltd 12/22/2021 Radiology BU-CAD Taihao Medical Inc. 12/21/2021 Radiology qXR-BT Qure.Ai Technologies 12/21/2021 Radiology Echogo Core (2.0) Ultromics Limited 12/20/2021 Radiology Koios DS Koios Medical, Inc. 12/16/2021 Radiology Vbrain Vysioneer Inc. 12/16/2021 Radiology Archform Orthodontic Software System Archform, Inc 12/16/2021 Dental Rt-Mind-AI Medmind Technology Co., Ltd. 12/15/2021 Radiology LVivo Seamless V2.0 Dia Imaging Analysis Ltd 12/9/2021 Radiology Implastation Prodigident, Inc. 12/3/2021 Radiology Encevis Austrian Institute Of Technology GmbH 12/2/2021 Neurology Mammoscreen 2.0 Therapixel 11/26/2021 Radiology Regulora Metame Health, Inc. 11/24/2021 Gastroenterology/Urology Myomics Q Phantomics Inc. 11/23/2021 Radiology Hypotension Decision Assist Model Hda-Or2 Directed Systems Ltd 11/23/2021 Cardiovascular ONQ Neuro Cortechs Labs, Inc. 11/19/2021 Radiology EndoScreener Chengdu Wision Medical Device Co., Ltd. 11/19/2021 Gastroenterology/Urology Lunit Insight Mmg Lunit Inc. 11/17/2021 Radiology Intellijoint View Intellijoint Surgical Inc. 11/12/2021 Radiology RTapp Segana, Inc. 11/10/2021 Radiology Hura CTP v1.0 Hura Imaging, Inc. 11/8/2021 Radiology Critical Care Suite With Endotracheal Tube Positing Ai Algorithm Ge Medical Systems, LLC 10/29/2021 Radiology Advanced Algorithms For Treatment Management Applications (Aatma) Elekta Solutions Ab 10/25/2021 Radiology IRNF App Apple Inc. 10/22/2021 Cardiovascular Contour ProtegeAI Mim Software Inc. 10/20/2021 Radiology iRAD Claritas Healthtech Pte Ltd 10/20/2021 Radiology SwiftMR Airs Medical Inc. 10/14/2021 Radiology Vbrain-Oar Vysioneer Inc. 10/12/2021 Radiology Brius Planner Software Brius Technologies Inc 10/1/2021 Dental Naeotom Alpha, Scan&Go Siemens Medical Solutions Usa, Inc. 9/30/2021 Radiology JiveX (Model Number / Release: 5.3) Visus Health It GmbH 9/23/2021 Radiology Paige Prostate Paige.AI 9/21/2021 Pathology ClariSIGMAM Claripi Inc. 9/10/2021 Radiology AccuFFRangio Arteryflow Technology Co., Ltd. 9/10/2021 Radiology EFAI PACS Picture Archiving and Communication System Ever Fortune.Ai Co., Ltd. 9/10/2021 Radiology FEops HEARTguide Feops NV 9/8/2021 Cardiovascular BlueStar Rx Welldoc, Inc 9/8/2021 Clinical Chemistry AmCAD-UT Amcad Biomed Corporation 9/8/2021 Radiology ADAS 3D Adas3D Medical S.L 9/3/2021 Radiology Ablamap Software Ablacon, Inc. 8/31/2021 Cardiovascular Rbknee Radiobotics Aps 8/27/2021 Radiology Otoplan Cascination Ag 8/20/2021 Ear Nose & Throat Breastscape V1.0 Olea Medical 8/2/2021 Radiology qER-Quant Qure.Ai Technologies 7/30/2021 Radiology Us2.V1 Eko.Ai Pte. Ltd. D/B/A Us2.Ai 7/27/2021 Radiology Change Healthcare Anatomical Ai Change Healthcare Canada Company 7/20/2021 Radiology Powerlook Density Assessment Software V4.0 Icad Inc. 7/12/2021 Radiology Pre-Sure Lazarus, 3D, Inc 7/8/2021 Radiology Natural Cycles Natural Cycles Nordic AB 6/24/2021 Obstetrics/Gynecology Codiagnostix Dental Wings GmbH 6/21/2021 Dental LINQ II Insertable Cardiac Monitor, Zelda AI ECG Classification System Medtronic, Inc. 6/11/2021 Cardiovascular Syngo.Via Mi Workflows, Scenium, Syngo Mbf Siemens Medical Solutions Usa, Inc. 6/10/2021 Radiology Transpara 1.7.0 Screenpoint Medical B.V. 6/2/2021 Radiology MEDO-Thyroid Medo Dx Pte. Ltd. 4/23/2021 Radiology Preview Shoulder Genesis Software Innovations 4/21/2021 Radiology Automatic Anatomy Recognition (AAR) Quantitative Radiology Solutions, LLC 4/20/2021 Radiology DV.Target Deepvoxel, Inc. 4/2/2021 Radiology syngo.CT Lung CAD (Version VD20) Siemens Healthcare GmbH 3/31/2021 Radiology Oxehealth Vital Signs Oxehealth Limited 3/26/2021 Cardiovascular Vbrain Vysioneer Inc. 3/19/2021 Radiology Profound AI Software V3.0 Icad Inc. 3/12/2021 Radiology Imbio RV/LV Software Imbio, LLC 3/9/2021 Radiology Optellum Virtual Nodule Clinic, Optellum Software, Optellum Platform Optellum Ltd 3/5/2021 Radiology Analytic For Hemodynamic Instability (Ahi) Fifth Eye Inc. 3/1/2021 Cardiovascular SubtleMR Subtle Medical, Inc. 2/26/2021 Radiology Cuptimize Cuptimize, Inc. 2/26/2021 Radiology Truplan Circle Cardiovascular Imaging Inc. 2/19/2021 Radiology Clue Birth Control Biowink GmbH 2/18/2021 Obstetrics/Gynecology LVivo Software Application Dia Imaging Analysis Ltd. 2/5/2021 Radiology Visage Breast Density Visage Imaging GmbH 1/29/2021 Radiology Veuron-Brain-Pab Heuron Co., Ltd. 1/15/2021 Radiology Art-Plan Therapanacea 1/14/2021 Radiology Heartflow Analysis Heartflow, Inc. 1/8/2021 Cardiovascular ImPACT Version 4 ImPACT Applications, Inc. 12/25/2020 Neurology Planimax Orthodontic Software Choice Biotech Inc. 12/22/2020 Dental EchoGo Pro Ultromics Ltd. 12/18/2020 Radiology HepaFat-AI Resonance Health Analysis Services Pty Ltd 12/7/2020 Radiology Genius Ai Detection Hologic, Inc. 11/18/2020 Radiology Coroflow Cardiovascular System Coroventis Research Ab 11/13/2020 Cardiovascular KardiaAI Alivecor, Inc. 11/12/2020 Cardiovascular AI-Rad Companion Organs Rt Siemens Medical Solutions Usa, Inc. 11/6/2020 Radiology Smart Alarm Interface Boxview, LLC 10/30/2020 Cardiovascular Autocontour Radformation, Inc. 10/30/2020 Radiology WRDensity by Whiterabbit.Ai Inc. 10/30/2020 Radiology Aulisa Multiple Patient Digital Vital Sign Monitoring System Taiwan Aulisa Medical Devices Technologies, Inc. 10/30/2020 Cardiovascular Stethee Pro 1, Stethee Pro Software System M3Dicine Pty Ltd. 10/9/2020 Cardiovascular LVivo Seamless Dia Imaging Analysis Ltd. 9/29/2020 Radiology Ventilator, Non-Continuous (Respirator) Respironics, Inc. 9/25/2020 Anesthesiology Halo AF Detection System Livmor 9/23/2020 Cardiovascular 3Shape Implant Studio 3Shape Medical A/S 9/9/2020 Radiology CER-S Cardiocalm 8/26/2020 Cardiovascular Limbus Contour Limbus Ai Inc. 8/13/2020 Radiology ECG Monitor App Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd 8/4/2020 Cardiovascular AI-Rad Companion Prostate MR Siemens Medical Solutions Usa Inc 7/30/2020 Radiology Fracturedetect (Fx) Imagen Technologies, Inc. 7/30/2020 Radiology Caption Interpretation Automated Ejection Fraction Software Caption Health 7/22/2020 Radiology Autolign Diorco Co., Ltd. 7/21/2020 Dental Ezra Plexo Software Ezra Ai Inc. 7/10/2020 Radiology Rapid LVO iSchemaView Inc. 7/9/2020 Radiology Inferread Lung CT.AI Beijing Infervision Technology Co.,Ltd. 7/2/2020 Radiology Contour ProtegeAI Mim Software, Inc. 7/2/2020 Radiology Rapid Aspects ISchemaView Inc. 6/26/2020 Radiology Lvivo Software Application Dia Imaging Analysis Ltd 6/23/2020 Radiology Ulab Systems Udesign Software Ulab Systems, Inc. 6/23/2020 Dental Quantib AI Node Quantib BV 6/15/2020 Radiology uWS-MI Shanghai United Imaging Healthcare Co., Ltd. 6/11/2020 Radiology MEDO ARIA Medo.Ai 6/11/2020 Radiology Qlab Advanced Quantification Software Philips Healthcare 6/3/2020 Radiology uWS-MR Shanghai United Imaging Healthcare Co., Ltd 6/1/2020 Radiology Brainomix 360 E-CTA Brainomix Limited 5/28/2020 Radiology Dibs (Digital Indirect Bonding System) Orthoselect, LLC 4/21/2020 Dental BRUIS Software Suite Mechanodontics, Inc. 4/17/2020 Dental Curarad-ICH Curacloud Corp. 4/13/2020 Radiology Bluestar Rx Welldoc, Inc 4/7/2020 Clinical Chemistry SOMATOM X.cite, Scan&GO, SOMATOM go.Platform – go.Up, go.Now, go.Top, go.All, go. Sim, go. Open Pro, Scan&GO Siemens Medical Solutions Usa, Inc. 4/1/2020 Radiology Arterys MICA Arterys Inc. 3/25/2020 Radiology Mammoscreen Therapixel 3/25/2020 Radiology Somryst Pear Therapeutics, Inc. 3/23/2020 Neurology Syngo.Ct Lung Cad Siemens Medical Solutions, Inc 3/9/2020 Radiology Transpara Screenpoint Medical B.V. 3/5/2020 Radiology Broncholab Fluidda Inc. 3/4/2020 Radiology AccuContour Xiamen Manteia Technology Ltd. 2/28/2020 Radiology Ethos Treatment Management, Ethos Treatment Planning, Ethos Radiotherapy System, Halcyon Varian Medical Systems, Inc. 2/10/2020 Radiology KardiaMobile, KardiaStation Alivecor, Inc. 1/24/2020 Cardiovascular Qlab Advanced Quantification Software Philips Healthcare 12/20/2019 Radiology Demetra BDEM-01 Dermatoscope Barco Nv 12/13/2019 General & Plastic Surgery Transpara Screenpoint Medical B.V. 12/10/2019 Radiology FFRangio Cathworks Ltd 12/9/2019 Cardiovascular Blood Establishment Computer Software And Accessories Terumo BCT, Inc 12/3/2019 Hematology Emprint Visualization Application Covidien LLC. 12/2/2019 Radiology Hypotension Decision Assist Directed Systems Ltd 11/27/2019 Cardiovascular Echogo Core Ultromics Ltd. 11/13/2019 Radiology Medip Pro Medicalip Co., Ltd 11/7/2019 Radiology Welldoc BlueStar Welldoc, Inc. 11/4/2019 General Hospital Profound AI Software V2.1 Icad Inc. 10/4/2019 Radiology Asthma Monitor AM3 eResearchTechnology 10/3/2019 Anesthesiology RTapp Segana, LLC 10/1/2019 Radiology Stonechecker Imaging Biometrics, LLC 9/26/2019 Radiology SubtleMR Subtle Medical, Inc. 9/16/2019 Radiology Biovitals Analytics Engine Biofourmis Singapore Pte. Ltd 8/15/2019 Cardiovascular HeartfFow FFRct Analysis Heartflow, Inc. 8/15/2019 Cardiovascular Sleepimage System Mycardio, LLC DBA Sleepimage 8/14/2019 Anesthesiology Drowzle Resonea, Inc. 7/14/2019 Anesthesiology Koios DS For Breast Koios Medical, Inc. 7/3/2019 Radiology uWS-CT Shanghai United Imaging Healthcare Co., Ltd. 6/24/2019 Radiology uWS-MR Shanghai United Imaging Healthcare Co., Ltd. 3/22/2019 Radiology KardiaAI Alivecor, Inc. 3/11/2019 Cardiovascular DTX Studio design Nobel Biocare AB 3/1/2019 Dental Myostrain 5.1 Myocardial Solutions 2/14/2019 Radiology Zoll ECG Analysis Software Zoll Manufacturing Corporation 1/28/2019 Cardiovascular FFRangio System Cathworks Ltd 12/19/2018 Cardiovascular Hipcheck Stryker Corp. 12/13/2018 Radiology FFRct v2.18 Heartflow, Inc. 12/6/2018 Cardiovascular Powerlook Tomo Detection V2 Software Icad Inc. 12/6/2018 Radiology CAAS Mr Solutions Pie Medical Imaging B.V. 12/4/2018 Radiology Ferrismart Analysis System Resonance Health Analysis Services Pty Ltd 11/30/2018 Radiology Orchestrate 3D Orchestrate 3D 11/26/2018 Dental Transpara Screenpoint Medical Bv 11/21/2018 Radiology Blood Establishment Computer Software And Accessories Data Innovations LLC 11/8/2018 Hematology uWS-MR Shanghai United Imaging Healthcare Co.,Ltd. 11/7/2018 Radiology uWS-CT Shanghai United Imaging Healthcare Co.,Ltd. 11/7/2018 Radiology ImPACT ImPACT Applications, Inc. 10/20/2018 Neurology mediCAD 4.0 MediCAD Hectec GmbH 9/7/2018 Radiology IGTFusion Igi Technologies 8/16/2018 Radiology Quantitative Total Extensible Imaging (QTxI) AIQ Solutions, Inc. 7/23/2018 Radiology Workflow Box Mirada Medical Ltd. 7/10/2018 Radiology Blood Establishment Computer Software And Accessories Mediware Information Systems, Inc. 7/3/2018 Hematology Vios Monitoring System™ Model 2050 Vios Medical, Inc. 6/22/2018 Cardiovascular OsteoDetect Imagen Technologies, Inc. 5/24/2018 Radiology CAAS Workstation Pie Medical Imaging BV 5/3/2018 Radiology Encevis Ait Austrian Institute Of Technology Gmbh 4/19/2018 Neurology uWS-MI Shanghai United Imaging Healthcare Co.,Ltd. 4/5/2018 Radiology Simplant 18 Dentsply Sirona 4/4/2018 Radiology Emprint Ablation Visualization Application Covidien, LLC 3/21/2018 Radiology Cerec Ortho Software Dentsply Sirona 1/11/2018 Dental ULab Systems Treatment Planning Software ULab Systems, Inc. 1/9/2018 Dental Neuronaute Bioserenity 12/26/2017 Neurology jFit Surgical Planner JointVue LLC 11/15/2017 Radiology SurgicalPreview Endo Vantage, LLC 11/8/2017 Cardiovascular CSMC Cardiac Suite Cedars-Sinai Medical Center 11/3/2017 Radiology LINACwatch, LinacView Qualiformed Sarl 10/27/2017 Radiology Endonaut Therenva Sas 9/21/2017 Radiology Tremoflo C-100 Airwave Oscillometry System Thorasys Thoracic Medical Systems, Inc. 9/12/2017 Anesthesiology Quantx Quantitative Insights, Inc 7/19/2017 Radiology 3D Endo Software Dentsply Sirona 7/17/2017 Radiology ImPACT Quick Test ImPACT Applications, Inc. 6/21/2017 Neurology Sonosite X-Porte Ultrasound System Fujifilm Sonosite, Inc. 6/12/2017 Radiology Move Forward 3D Motion Simulation Service Biomet Inc. 3/31/2017 Radiology EnsoSleep Ensodata, Inc. 3/31/2017 Neurology ImPACT ImPACT Applications, Inc. 2/23/2017 Neurology Welldoc BlueStar, Welldoc BlueStar Rx Welldoc, Inc 1/12/2017 General Hospital Go Dose System Eli Lilly And Company 12/22/2016 General Hospital CAAS Mr 4D Flow Pie Medical Imaging B.V. 12/8/2016 Radiology CuattroDR Cuattro, LLC 10/6/2016 Radiology Blood Establishment Computer Software And Accessories Mediware Information Systems, Inc. 9/30/2016 Hematology ClearRead CT Riverain Technologies, LLC 9/9/2016 Radiology ResolutionMD Calgary Scientific, Inc. 8/24/2016 Radiology FFRct v2.0 Heartflow, Inc. 8/24/2016 Cardiovascular SonoSite SII Ultrasound System, SonoSite Edge II Ultrasound System Fujifilm Sonosite, Inc. 8/18/2016 Radiology Kuvia3D 4Qimaging, LLC DBA Qmetrics 6/23/2016 Radiology EndoSize Therenva Sas 4/12/2016 Radiology Sentinel Cardiology Information Management System Spacelabs Healthcare Ltd. 4/1/2016 Cardiovascular Adaptivo Aurora Technology Development, LLC 2/3/2016 Radiology FFRct Heartflow, Inc. 1/13/2016 Cardiovascular ImplantMax Software Saturn Imaging Inc. 1/12/2016 Radiology syngo VSim Siemens Medical Solutions Usa, Inc. 9/16/2015 Radiology QuickPlan Siris Medical 9/11/2015 Radiology CS 3D Imaging Trophy 8/19/2015 Radiology Personalized Physiology Analytics Engine Software Vgbio, Inc. 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(DVH) Evaluator Diversilabs, LLC 12/16/2009 Radiology PMD Viewer Spencer Technologies 10/8/2009 Radiology GE Innova Solid State X-Ray-Imager Fluoroscopic X-Ray System, Model: 4100IQ, 3100IQ, 2100IQ GE Healthcare 8/25/2009 Radiology RayAutoPlan 1.0 Raysearch Laboratories AB 1/22/2009 Radiology Visage PACS, Version 6.0/CS 3.1 Visage Imaging, Inc. 12/12/2008 Radiology Standard Imaging IMSure Brachy QA Software, Model 91331 Standard Imaging, Inc. 11/19/2008 Radiology bp Limbo XL, bp Tango XL, bp Salsa XL DataDancer Medical Systems 10/31/2008 Cardiovascular OsDx Hip BMD System Imaging Therapeutics, Inc. 10/16/2008 Radiology VelocityAIS, Velocity AI, VelocityVX, VelocityRT, V-Response Velocity Medical Solutions, LLC 6/20/2008 Radiology OneTouch Zoom Diabetes Management Program Lifescan, Inc. 6/9/2008 Clinical Chemistry Blood Establishment Computer Software And Accessories Mak-System 5/13/2008 Hematology CMRtools and Plug-Ins Ventricular Tools & Thalassaemia Tools Cardiovascular Imaging 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Systems, B.V. 3/2/2004 Radiology Orthopacs Etrauma.Com Corp. 2/2/2004 Radiology Modification To Wackers-Liu CQ Software Eclipse Systems, Inc. 8/25/2003 Radiology Ramsoft Pacs, Model 3.0 Ramsoft, Inc. 8/11/2003 Radiology Quantitative Vascular Angiography – CMS Medis Medical Imaging Systems, B.V. 1/24/2003 Radiology Autoalign Cortechs Labs, Inc. 7/12/2002 Radiology eFilm Workstation with Modules Efilm Medical, Inc. 4/12/2002 Radiology Opus Spectrum (A Model Of Opus 20), Model 2nd Opusdent Ltd. 1/8/2002 General & Plastic Surgery QCU Analytical Software Package Medis Medical Imaging Systems, B.V. 7/31/2001 Radiology eFilm Workstation Efilm Medical, Inc. 7/31/2001 Radiology MRI- Magnetic Resonance Analytical Software System Medis Medical Imaging Systems, B.V. 8/30/2000 Radiology Prosolv Echoviewer, Prosolv Echoviewer Se, Prosolv Echoanalyzer, Prosolv Echoserv, Prosolv Echo Problem Solving Concepts, Inc. 2/2/2000 Radiology Cardiovascular Measurement System – View Medis Medical Imaging 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