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Relation Therapeutics Ltd bags US$35m in seed financing.

London-based virtual drug discovery specialist Relation Therapeutics Ltd has closed another US$35m seed financing round, bringing its total seed fundraise to US$60m.

The latest financing round of generative AI drug discovery company Relation Therapeutics was led by DCVC and co-led by NVIDIA’s venture arm, NVentures, with participation from initial seed lead Magnetic Ventures, existing investors Khosla Ventures, and Abcam founder Jonathan Milner, as well as new investors ARK Invest and Deerfield Management Company.

“This new capital allows us to accelerate our discovery of novel biology, targets and medicines: we are immensely excited about our progress and the impact we can make for patients,” said David Roblin, CEO of Relation Therapeutics.

The company’s generative AI platform generates, analyses and interprets human data about the behaviour of genes, cells and tissues. Relation’s Lab-in-the-Loop integrates single-cell analysis, genomics and machine learning to build rich maps of disease biology dreiving disease understanding. From this, the company discovers novel targets and subsequently develops medicines.

The funds raised will allow the biotech company to advance its osteoporosis pipeline towards the clinic, as well as initiate discovery campaigns in new therapeutic areas.  As a first indication, Relation Therapeutics is developing treatments for osteoporosis. So far, Relation has built proprietary data resources, including Osteomics, a clinical observational study to create the world’s largest functional, single-cell bone atlas derived from human patient tissue. The company’s Lab-in-the-Loop approach combines single cell multi-omics directly from patient tissue, functional assays and machine learning to understand the biological processes in human health and disease. The company is rapidly advancing programmes using insights from its technology and data, starting with bone-related diseases.