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PHUSE US Connect 2024 Key Takeaways: AI/ML in Clinical Trials | Catalyst Clinical Research

Expanding on some of the highlights from the conference

By Ershlena McDaniel, Senior Director, Resourcing Operations, Catalyst Flex

The PHUSE US Connect 2024 conference was nothing short of empowering, engaging, and enlightening. Connecting with like-minded professionals who also share a deep commitment and passion for the clinical trial process while keeping patients the number one priority was a highlight. A recurring theme that resonated across multiple presentations and discussions revolved around artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) and its impact on clinical trials.  

A standout moment was the panel discussion on “Revolutionizing Clinical Trails: The Impact of Generative AI on Clinical Data Science.” The individuals who led the panel did an exceptional job steering the discussion to hit on the important topics of applying AI in clinical trials.  

The conversation not only unpacked the advantages of using AI but also addressed the challenges involved.  

To see the enthusiasm and dedication toward leveraging cutting-edge technologies to enhance the design and delivery of better clinical trials was inspiring! This passion aligns seamlessly with Catalyst Flex’s mission: to inspire people to design and deliver better clinical trials. 

Catalyst Flex has a people, process, and technology approach with a willingness to partner at all phases with contributors—such as pharma, CRO, sites—in the clinical trial arena. Our strength is in our expertise, flexibility, and commitment—all that customers desire in a trusted partner. 

We are better together!