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Over 60 People Helped Make The 82K Regional Challenge: Oregon A Success – Kidney Cancer Association –

The 82K Regional Challenge: Oregon team.

Team Captain – Lindsay Walker, teacher and kidney cancer survivor

Location – Tualatin Community Park in Tualatin, Oregon

Date – April 13, 2024

Attendees – About 60

Fundraising Goal – $8,200

Amount raised – $34,542 (I still can’t believe it!)

Activity – “Choose Your Own Adventure” i.e., do anything for 82 minutes! There is a trail at the park that most people walked. Others played games, picnicked, painted Love Rocks, or made cards for kids in the hospital. I also had patient stories – local kidney cancer patients and local kidney donors and recipients – that people could read along with information and goodies from my sponsors.

Event Highlights – For sure having the urology team from Oregon Health & Science University there and my doctor bringing bagels for everyone! It meant so much that they showed up and supported the event. That’s also when they told me about their $10,000 donation! Aside from that, the highlight was how many people showed up.

I also appreciate that people could choose how they wanted their donations to be spent this year and that chromophobe research was one of them because I was diagnosed with stage 3 chromophobe renal cell carcinoma and rare cancers need more funding and attention.

Care providers from OHSU Urology came to support the 82K Regional Challenge: Oregon.

What advice do you have for other event captains?

  • Start early
  • Get help
  • Promote, promote, promote!
  • Get local media involved if possible
  • Invite your medical team
  • Order extra shirts
  • Encourage people to sign up officially so you have accurate numbers

Final comments

I plan to do this until I can’t anymore! Thank you for this opportunity. I knew I wanted to do something like this “someday” and it’s hard to believe “someday” was just a year after my diagnosis.

Visit the 82K Regional Challenge: Oregon’s event page.

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