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OneTouch Select Plus Test Strips 25’s pack


With the One Touch Select Plus Test Strips 25’s Pack, patients who only test a few times a month can benefit from a more economic option that will give them the number of strips they need without breaking the bank. With their swift acting nature, these test strips can provide accurate results in only five seconds, so you can quickly get on with your day. These test strips are designed for use with OneTouch Select Plus systems only, and there are 25 in a pack.

The One Touch Select Plus Simple Strips 25’s Pack needs only a small amount of blood to work, with the requirement being only one μl. The blood droplet flows into the channel with ease and will quickly fill the confirmation window to indicate when it’s time to place it in the tester. The smart strips will automatically adjust to accommodate natural variations in red blood cells. Also, this makes it a convenient way for patients to test their blood in any situation, at any time.

How To Handle the One Touch Select Plus Test Strips 25’s Pack

  • Use only clean, dry hands to handle the strips; wet hands may skew the results
  • Also, do not reuse a test strip that has any contaminants, like control solution or blood

How To Insert the Test Strips

  • Carefully bring the blood droplet and the channel into contact with one another
  • Wait to fill the confirmation window
  • With the contact strip facing you, insert the test strip into the test strip holder

How To Store the One Touch Select Plus Simple Strips 25’s Pack

  • Keep the One Touch Select Plus Strips 25’s Pack in a cool, dry place
  • Don’t open the test strip vial until you want to take out a test strip for immediate testing
  • Also, replace the cap promptly after you take out a strip
Reviewed by Dr. Preet Pal Singh Bhinder