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Omron HEM-7143T1-A Automatic Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor with Adapter & Bluetooth Connectivity


Make it easier than ever to keep track and stay on top of your blood pressure at home with the Omron HEM 7143T1 BP Monitor. This automatic monitor offers simple one-touch functionality. Hence it makes it easy for even first-time users to get accurate readings of their blood pressure. Most interestingly, you get a free adapter with this Omron BP Monitor.

Features of Omron HEM 7143T1 BP Monitor

  • This unit also detects irregular heartbeats. It alerts you if your heartbeat’s rhythm varies more than 25 percent from the average rhythm. Symbols will appear on the screen to indicate the irregular rhythm.
  • Its hypertension indicator alerts the user to any concerning systolic or diastolic pressure outside of the typical range of 135 systolic/85 diastolic.
  • The results of all of your measurements will appear on the clear and easy to read digital output screen.
  • The model also includes Bluetooth connectivity. This allows you to track the data through OMRON by syncing it to your smartphone.
  • The built-in memory of the device will also allow you to store up to 30 past measurements. Hence you can monitor any fluctuations and have more data to report to your healthcare provider.
  • To further assist its convenient and proper usage, this monitor comes complete with a cuff wrapping guide. This ensures even the novice understands how to get a thorough and proper wrap when securing it to their upper arm. The unit will indicate that the cuff is in the proper position with an “OK” on the screen.
  • Body movement detection will prompt the user to retake the measurement in the event of body movement. This will ensure accurate readings.

With its helpful digital screen, dedication to accurate readings, smartphone compatibility and overall user-friendly design, the Omron HEM 7143T1 BP Monitor is the perfect companion for patients who need to monitor their blood pressure at home.

Reviewed by Dr. Aleksandar Grbovic