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No more needles – Exvolvo arises with help of Verily and NLC Health

NLC Health Ventures (Amsterdam, The Netherlands), in partnership with Verily, the precision health technology daughter company of Alphabet/Google, will launch Exolvo Biosciences, a pioneering biotech company providing the next-generation solution for biologic drug delivery as oral administration.

NLC Health Ventures launches a new early-stage drug delivery company. The venture builder from The Netherlands partners with Verily from which Exolvo Biosciences is spun out. The pioneering biotech company is providing the next-generation solution for biologic drug delivery in oral administraiton also for antibody drugs.

Through Exolvo, NLC aims to advance a drug delivery technology that was incubated within Verily and is now being spun out as a stand-alone, early-stage private company under NLC. Exolvo will benefit from NLC’s venture-building approach and its extensive ecosystem of healthcare experts and industry partnerships.  Exolvo’s oral drug delivery technology is characterised by its flexible capsule size and modular design, allowing it to adapt to a variety of large molecule structures. This flexibility and modularity are key differentiators that “set Exolvo apart in the industry and position it at the forefront of oral drug delivery innovation”, as NLC describes in its statement.

“This technology has enormous potential for significant impact. For patients, it means an improved and better treatment experience, and for healthcare professionals, it simplifies administration and increases efficiency in the delivery of care,” said Nick Ibery, UK Lead Partner at NLC. Exolvo’s technology is progressing towards assembling an IND package in the US while actively engaging with key pharma and biotech partners.

“Talk to anyone living with a chronic disease such as diabetes and they will mention the struggle of having to inject themselves – in some cases several times a day. There is a need for innovative solutions that can make treatments more accessible and less invasive for people living with chronic diseases,” says Exolvo co-founder and CEO Brian Longstreet, who brings extensive experience from the pharmaceutical and biotech industries.

NLC Health Ventures, based in Amsterdam, is in its own words “the most active health technology investor in Europe and the world’s largest healthtech venture builder”. NLC finds, builds, and scales transformative health innovations. With more than 100 start-ups, 4 funds, and activity in 16 countries, they bring impactful innovations to patients on a large scale. The NLC Health Impact Fund is NLC’s newest and largest fund to date, investing in NLC’s start-ups. The fund deploys capital for ventures at various stages, providing both initial and follow-up funding.