New partnerships push InDevR for Series B financing

InDevR Inc., a provider of analytical technologies for vaccines and biotherapeutics, has raised $9m in Series B financing.

Investments into InDevR, Inc. came from New York-based Adjuvant Capital ($4m) and French bioMèrieux SA ($5m), which will enable the commercial expansion and development of InDevR´s new reagent kits. The US company wants to bring a new product to market, a versatile and multiplexed microarray technology. The VaxArray. platform can specifically recognize and quantify antigens, antibodies, or nucleic acids.

bioMèrieux will be the exclusive distributor of the VaxArray portfolio in Europe. The company is a worldwide leader for in vitro diagnostics and quality controls and has expertise in applying immunoassays to vaccine production. Therefore, bioMeriéux sees a perfect match with InDevR technology. The Senior Vice President of Pharma Quality Control from bioMèrieux, Michael Reynier, will be part of the board of directors from InDevR. “We quickly recognized the high quality of InDevR’s products and team and realized that we share a common vision and mindset. This partnership reflects our desire to expand our offerings with high value-added solutions for pharmaceutical companies”, he justifies the investment.

The microarray platform detects mRNA with high specificity and sensitivity without previously purification steps of nucleic acid. According to InDevR, The VaxArray test system is an efficient, standardized, and cost-effective analytical tool, used for mRNA CQA/QC testing to explore vaccines and therapeutics.

Development of vaccines is a time-consuming process. To accelerate and optimise the development of vaccines, innovative tools are needed. Collaborations enhance and facilitate the development of therapies.  InDevR sees the perfect partnership with both companies, bioMèrieux and Adjuvant Capital, because they understand the needs of pharma industry.