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New £10.4M Research Centre For Rare Kidney Diseases –

One of four new centres

The new LifeArc-Kidney Research UK Centre for Rare Kidney Diseases is one of four new centres to be funded by the non-profit medical charity, LifeArc, with the aim of overcoming these barriers that ordinarily prevent new tests and treatments reaching patients. Globally, there are more than 300 million people living with rare diseases. However, rare disease research can be fragmented. Researchers can lack access to specialist facilities, as well as advice on regulation, trial designs, preclinical regulatory requirements, and translational project management, which are vital in getting new innovations to patients.

Dr Catriona Crombie, head of rare disease at LifeArc, says: “We’re extremely proud to be launching four new LifeArc Translational Centres for Rare Diseases. Each centre has been awarded funding because it holds real promise for delivering change for people living with rare diseases. These centres also have the potential to create a blueprint for accelerating improvements across other disease areas, including common diseases.”