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#NephMadness 2024: The Effluent Eight –

In this round, the region champions are named. Did the Blue Ribbon Panel keep you alive or break your heart and your bracket after just the first round? Check out the Current Standings and tweet your reaction and score with the hashtag: #NephMadness

We proudly present:

Current Standings Match Results#NephMadness | #EffluentEight

And before we begin, special thanks to Corina Teodosiu @CTeodosiu for the scoreboard graphics!

This tough matchup between Team Preeclampsia Diagnosis and Team Preeclampsia Prevention had several lead changes and went into overtime before Team Preeclampsia Diagnosis’ favorite player sFLT-1/PlGF sank a last minute 3 pointer for the victory.

Preeclampsia Diagnosis wins 5-4

Comments from the BRP:

“This team has made progress this year. An ability to accurately diagnose preeclampsia is fundamental to further advancing the field. It is what you have to focus on before you can move to prevention. After all, how can you know you are preventing something if you are not accurately diagnosing it! It is the team to pick first.”

“Everyone loves a biomarker or two, but PET’s risk factors are common, its preventative treatments cheap and easy to use, and its sequelae undesirable. So let’s focus on those!”

“Prevention is the best medicine.”

Team Mourning Dove proved to be no match for Team Gila Monster’s venom. Team Gila Monster with the easy victory.

Gila Monster wins 7-2

Comments from the BRP:

A more sure prospect than the Mourning Dove!”

“Dig if you will a picture of functional and morphological nephron heterogeneity. This is what it sounds like when doves beat lizards.

“Thanks to Gila we have an important medication.”

“I predict a winner here.”

Despite Team Rapid Correction’s fast paced offense, Team Slow Correction proved that a strong defense is the best offense.  Team Slow Correction with the regulation win.

Slow Correction wins 7-2

Comments from the BRP:

This is a tough choice. Rapid correction is tempting to go with, however rapid correction, though flashy and with tempting moves, does not quite have the experience, and is perhaps not quite ready for prime time.”

“Festina lente est victor.”

Team Beyond Kt/V couldn’t keep up with Team PD First‘s strong offense. Team PD First with the easy win.

PD First wins 7-2

Comments from the BRP:

Nothing beats personal experience, and I’ve seen PD first be a huge success.”

“Educate patients for PD has many advantages.

This was another close match up. Team Urine Anion Gap and Team Phosphate Binders in AKI were so closely matched that it was hard to predict who would win the crown in the JHM’s Things We Do For No Reason™ Region. In the end, Team Urine Anion Gap eked out the victory.

Urine Anion Gap wins 5-4

Comments from the BRP:

“Both teams are strong contenders to win the Things We Do For No Reason Region. With advances in the field and UAG using outdated tactics, I think it will win this match up.”

“Not sure I’ve ever worked out a uAG but I’ve prescribed plenty of phosphate binders in AKI. WHICH I WILL NOW NO LONGER DO.”

Team Extracorporeal Therapies cleaned the floor with Team Antidotes.

Extracorporeal Therapies Wins 6-3

Comments from the BRP:

“Antidotes is a strong team, but Extracorporeal Therapies is stronger. It is an effective team that prevails in tough situations.”

“Rolling out a machine to successfully treat a poisoning is one of the most satisfying things you can do. Tell me I’m wrong.”

Team Metabolic Acidosis in CKD soured Team Metabolic Acidosis in AKI’s attempt to bust out of the first round. Team Metabolic Acidosis in CKD with the decisive win.

Metabolic Acidosis in CKD wins 6-3

Comments from the BRP:

“A team (Metabolic Acidosis in CKD) with a proven track record and more experience!”

“Treating acidosis in CKD is a bust, treating it in AKI is part of the daily grind. AKI FTW”

These two strong teams made for an exciting tournament game. Evenly matched, they kept the score close till the very end when Team Pancreas-Kidney Transplant was able to pull away with the win!

Pancreas Kidney Transplant wins 5-4

Comments from the BRP:

“While the liver-kidney transplant team sometimes makes unnecessary plays, pancreas-kidney transplant has been strong for years and more recently expanded its plays to include T2DM.”

“Pancreas transplantation is yesterday’s operation. Are SLKs tomorrow’s?”

Current Standings | Match Results

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US-based physicians can earn 1.0 CME credit and 1.0 MOC per region through NKF PERC (detailed instructions here). The CME and MOC activity will expire on May 31, 2024.