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Managing Clinical Trials in Australia: Alice Preston | Catalyst Clinical Research

A Global Approach

Welcome to A Global Approach, a series celebrating our international Catalyst Oncology team members and their passions for the work they do for our clients. These spotlights highlight some of our team across the world working to inspire people to design and deliver better clinical trials.

Headshot of Alice Preston

Alice Preston

Alice Preston, Project Manager, Catalyst Oncology, works from Brisbane, Australia, overseeing clinical trials within the Asia-Pacific (APAC) region. She works to proactively meet sponsor expectations and required outcomes, while ensuring the safety of patients is maintained as a priority.    

With more than 10 years of experience, Alice is still energized by the fact that the work she does helps push advancements in cancer treatments closer to be able to be used by the patients who will benefit.   

“Cancer has touched the lives of many of my close relatives and friends,” Alice adds. “Therefore, any and all research on new cancer treatments to better the quality of patients’ lives is a great thing.”  

“I love the collaboration and teamwork between our teams,” Alice says about working for a global company. “I always need to consider the wider ramifications of processes in the APAC region and how it fits in with the global team.”  

Alice ensures all communications are disseminated to the APAC team in a timely manner. In addition, as a project manager, Alice works closely with the rest of the APAC team to manage the ongoing tasks and requirements of clinical trials.  

She collaborates closely with the sponsor and Catalyst teams across the world. As her work is very collaborative, her day-to-day work includes many meetings, calls, teams chat messages, and emails. There are also many other tasks, such as reviewing budgets, reports, plans, or submissions—all depending on the status of the trial.  

Catalyst Oncology is driven and motivated to meet sponsor requirements, timelines, and to conduct the trial efficiently in the APAC region.   

“The APAC team is very flexible. We can manage and adapt quickly to ensure timelines are met and issues are dealt with efficiently.” 

“I love the collaboration and teamwork between our teams. I always need to consider the wider ramifications of processes in the APAC region and how it fits in with the global team.”  

Alice works at Catalyst Oncology to be involved in a CRO looking to be a new force in the APAC region, efficiently managing trials and achieving amazing outcomes for sponsors and patients alike. “I also joined Catalyst Oncology because I wanted to work for a great company that puts people first and encourages work-life balance and flexibility,” Alice says. 

Catalyst Oncology has staff around the world, such as Alice Preston, to support our clients’ oncology clinical trial work. Contact Catalyst Oncology to learn where we are and how our global approach exclusively serves the biotech oncology sector.