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Improving Quality Of Life In Kidney Disease Patients –

Supporting patients in the future

Potentially modifiable factors found to be linked with patients having poorer overall HRQoL included limited understanding of their medical conditions, being on ten or more different regular medications (known as ‘polypharmacy’), taking certain types of medicines, reduced muscle mass, certain mental health conditions, changes in some blood test results and higher body mass index. Importantly, the team also found that taking a type of medication called renin angiotensin system inhibitors was linked to improved HRQoL.  Simon/Tom added “Living well with CKD is challenging, and as well as managing kidney problems it is important to consider well-being and HRQoL. NURTuRE has allowed us to pinpoint some of the factors that could be modified in order to benefit this vulnerable population. 

Because NURTuRE has been following people up over time, the team will next investigate how HRQoL changes for people with CKD over several years. If it has got worse for some of the patients, Simon and Tom will explore the things that might have caused that, providing valuable insights into future strategies to prevent these problems in patients living with kidney disease 

“NURTuRE simply wouldn’t have been possible without the generous support and participation of patients living with kidney disease. We are delighted to share these early results which clearly demonstrate the potential for NURTuRE to support this community; I’d like to thank Tom, Simon and everyone involved in the study, and look forward to the next set of results.” Michael Nation, director of NURTuRE at Kidney Research UK