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“I Fit Dialysis Around My Life, And Won’t Let Kidney Disease Define Me” – Kidney Research UK –

Fitting dialysis around my life

Dialysis is often incredibly challenging and restrictive for patients, but Lynzie has worked hard to minimise its impact and live a full life.  

She says: “Having kidney disease from such a young age means I don’t know any different. I’ve adjusted to it and it’s part of my life. It must be so hard for someone who has grown up being healthy to then receive a sudden diagnosis. 

“I’ve found home haemodialysis best fits my lifestyle and would recommend it to any kidney patients because it provides more flexibility. For me, with work and life, I fit my dialysis around that rather than dialysis dictating what I do. 

“I am a hybrid worker, so I work three days in the office and two days at home. It’s great because when I work from home I can just log off and dialyse straight away. I tend to plan my office days when I’m not on dialysis and that flexibility helps a lot. 

“I couldn’t dialyse at home without my husband though. He helps with the needles, administers my dialysis, and looks after me. He’s amazing and has cared for me throughout everything. Having a loving, supportive network around me has been really important. 

“We’ve even been able to go to stay with my husband’s family in Australia. It did take some organisation to arrange the local hospital clinics and plan my dialysis around the 24-hour plane journey, but it was well worth it.”