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Guest Article: Revolutionizing Nanotechnology with the Power of Bioinformatics

Kavitha Malarvizhi, Deepak Agarwal*
Institute of Fisheries Postgraduate Studies, TNJFU, OMR-CAMPUS, Chennai-603103
*Corresponding author:

We currently reside amid a profound technological revolution that is reshaping the global landscape. Evident transformations encompass a wide spectrum of facets within our daily lives, encompassing fields such as transportation, healthcare, and communication. As per the timeless adage, what was once considered science fiction in the past has now become a reality in the realm of science. Today, we are witnessing an expansive augmentation of our capacities across diverse scientific domains, which include chemistry, biology, physics, and engineering. This expansion encompasses endeavours such as enhanced space exploration, the construction of smart cities, the establishment of new manufacturing hubs, and the advancement of artificial intelligence and quantum technologies. The swift tempo at which technological advancement is occurring is conspicuous, but much of the underlying, imperceptibly small agents of change, known as nanotechnologies, are playing a pivotal role in catalyzing this revolution. While nanotechnology boasts a multitude of applications, this paper focuses on three specific realms within nanotechnology that are leading the way toward our future. This article provides insight into “Nanobioinformatics”.

Keywords: Nano-bioinformatics, nanoscale, structural analysis, pharmaceuticals, carcinoma

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