Glioblastoma and Individualized Therapies


Study First Submitted Date 2022-04-11
Study First Posted Date 2022-05-02
Last Update Posted Date 2022-05-02
Verification Month Year April 2022
Verification Date 2022-04-30
Last Update Posted Date 2022-05-02


Sequence: 199752628
Status Available
Name Zentrum für Humangenetik Tübingen
City Tübingen
Country Germany


Sequence: 52095525
Name Glioma, Malignant
Downcase Name glioma, malignant

Id Information

Sequence: 40098972
Id Source org_study_id
Id Value GBM-RWD


Sequence: 42501227
Name Germany
Removed False


Sequence: 52409193
Intervention Type Biological
Name Vaccination
Description Personalized neoantigen vaccination

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Sequence: 193187992 Sequence: 193187993 Sequence: 193187994 Sequence: 193187995 Sequence: 193187996 Sequence: 193187997 Sequence: 193187998 Sequence: 193187999 Sequence: 193188000 Sequence: 193188001
Mesh Term Glioblastoma Mesh Term Glioma Mesh Term Astrocytoma Mesh Term Neoplasms, Neuroepithelial Mesh Term Neuroectodermal Tumors Mesh Term Neoplasms, Germ Cell and Embryonal Mesh Term Neoplasms by Histologic Type Mesh Term Neoplasms Mesh Term Neoplasms, Glandular and Epithelial Mesh Term Neoplasms, Nerve Tissue
Downcase Mesh Term glioblastoma Downcase Mesh Term glioma Downcase Mesh Term astrocytoma Downcase Mesh Term neoplasms, neuroepithelial Downcase Mesh Term neuroectodermal tumors Downcase Mesh Term neoplasms, germ cell and embryonal Downcase Mesh Term neoplasms by histologic type Downcase Mesh Term neoplasms Downcase Mesh Term neoplasms, glandular and epithelial Downcase Mesh Term neoplasms, nerve tissue
Mesh Type mesh-list Mesh Type mesh-list Mesh Type mesh-ancestor Mesh Type mesh-ancestor Mesh Type mesh-ancestor Mesh Type mesh-ancestor Mesh Type mesh-ancestor Mesh Type mesh-ancestor Mesh Type mesh-ancestor Mesh Type mesh-ancestor


Sequence: 48249568
Agency Class OTHER
Lead Or Collaborator lead
Name Zentrum fur Humangenetik Tuebingen

Central Contacts

Sequence: 11992832
Contact Type primary
Name Saskia Biskup, Dr. Dr.
Phone +49 (0)7071 565 44 00
Role Contact


Sequence: 30721802
Gender All
Minimum Age N/A
Maximum Age N/A
Criteria Inclusion Criteria: malignant glioma, IDH WT Exclusion Criteria: na
Adult True
Child True
Older Adult True

Calculated Values

Sequence: 253965338
Number Of Facilities 1
Registered In Calendar Year 2022
Were Results Reported False
Has Us Facility False
Has Single Facility True

Responsible Parties

Sequence: 28834733
Responsible Party Type Sponsor