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Getting the most out of digital endpoints: case studies from Verge’s CMO

ARTICLE | Product Development

Perspectives from Diego Cadavid on Verge’s digital-first Phase Ib strategy for ALS, and on building a pivotal endpoint using an Xbox sensor

By Karen Tkach Tuzman, Director of Biopharma Intelligence

February 9, 2024 11:39 PM UTC

With digital endpoints increasingly valued by biopharma, but not yet mainstream, Verge Genomics CMO Diego Cadavid’s career provides case studies of how companies that have made these technologies a cornerstone of their clinical development strategies are reducing them to practice. 

The benefits of digital endpoints over traditional clinical metrics are now well understood. Not only can they provide more objective, granular and frequent measurements of patient outcomes, often by capturing daily activities that are more relevant to patients’ quality of life, they can do so from the comfort of patients’ own homes.