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Functional Outsourcing Expertise: Craig McIlloney | Catalyst Clinical Research

Meet a Catalyst Flex Expert

Welcome to Catalyst Flex Experts, a series celebrating our experts and their passion for the work they do for our Catalyst Flex clients. These spotlights on our exceptional team showcase each individual’s experience and unwavering dedication toward helping us achieve the Catalyst mission to inspire people to design and deliver better clinical trials. 

Craig has a wealth of experience—nearly two decades as a leader—that he relies on as the leader of Catalyst Flex. With more than 27 years of experience, Craig has a strong understanding in biometrics and data sciences, as well as leadership in quality, training, communications, analytics, and systems.  

Meet a Catalyst Flex Expert graphic with Craig McIlloney's headshot.

His role is to oversee and enable the success of Catalyst Flex, which he does through support of all Catalyst Flex department heads. His goal is to ensure excellence in their functions and provide executive support where appropriate. 

Craig believes the enthusiasm and desire to partner effectively comes from the people we hire at Catalyst. First and foremost, when we identify talent, we ask do they fit into the company culture and exhibit our core values? This is key as our people matter and differentiate us. Our staff has technical competencies, which are essential, and Catalyst is always helping to further develop. In addition, our staff has talent, which Catalyst Flex continues to nurture. 

Approaching people that are aligned on Catalyst’s culture, Craig is driven by the people he works with. “I love the challenges that we work on together. I have colleagues I trust and value to come up with viable solutions,” Craig says. 

Craig works in the clinical research industry because he knows how important it is to patients. “I’ve benefitted from new medicines that have personally impacted my quality of life and I want to help others have the same benefits,” he explains.  

One hope that Craig has is that clients understand the unique approach that Catalyst Flex can bring versus other providers. In addition to the incredible talent and expertise we offer, we boast differentiators around our strong culture, our desire to listen, and our ability to offer unique solutions for our clients, including the support of a database of more than 7,000 experts. 

“Catalyst has invested heavily in this business with our recent acquisitions, recruitment of talent, leadership, and strategic focus,” Craig says. “We continue to expand on our strengths. I am extremely excited about where we are going.” 

The experts of Catalyst Flex, such as Craig McIlloney, help to make our people-first culture one of our key differentiators. Contact Catalyst Flex to meet Craig or any of our other experts.