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ExpressionEdits Raises $13M for AI-Based Protein Expression Technology

ExpressionEdits, a biotechnology company focused on optimizing protein expression through AI and proprietary intronization technology, has raised $13 million in seed funding. The round was co-led by Octopus Ventures and redalpine, with contributions from BlueYard Capital, Wilbe Capital, Acequia Capital, Amino Collective, and Hawktail.

From left to right: Dr. Kärt Tomberg, CEO & Co-Founder, Dr. Leopold Parts, CTO, Dr. Rebecca Godfrey, COO. (Photo credit: ExpressionEdits)

Founded in 2021 by Dr. Kärt Tomberg, Professor Allan Bradley, and Dr. Liliana Antunes, based on research from the University of Cambridge, ExpressionEdits utilizes intronization technology in gene design. The company’s method involves incorporating multiple short noncoding DNA sequences, known as introns, into artificial genes to potentially improve gene expression and protein production.

The funding will support candidate selection for preclinical studies and further development of a pipeline of protein-based therapeutics. The focus includes recombinant proteins that face production and manufacturing challenges with current technologies.

Dr. Kärt Tomberg, CEO & Co-Founder of ExpressionEdits, stated:

“Our platform facilitates precise decisions on which introns to use, where to place them, and how many, potentially leading to improved levels of protein expression. Our goal is to advance protein therapeutics to become more accessible to patients.”

The company’s AI-powered platform integrates biological data with machine learning algorithms to automate the optimization of gene design. This approach allows ExpressionEdits to predict and prioritize essential gene properties, aiming to produce therapeutic proteins that have been difficult to manufacture with existing methods.

ExpressionEdits’ Genetic Syntax Engine is a computational gene editing platform that uses AI and biological insights to redesign genes for potentially improved protein expression across various therapeutic applications. The technology aims to enhance the effectiveness and precision of gene therapies, enabling lower doses to achieve therapeutic levels, thus minimizing toxicity and expanding the genetic toolbox for targeting specific tissues and increasing protein expression levels.

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Dr. Hugo Villanueva of Octopus Ventures stated that ExpressionEdits’ platform could become essential for protein expression systems, from antibody manufacturing to in vivo therapeutics, while Michael Sidler, Founding Partner at redalpine, stated that ExpressionEdits’ intronization technology enables precise regulation and expression of complex molecules, potentially advancing recombinant protein therapy.