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EU COVID-19 antibody ready for clinical trials

As investments into COVID-19 therapeutics is no EU priority, development is lagging behind the US. Now, CORAT Therapeutics‘ candidate COR101 is set to enter clinical testing. 

CORAT Therapeutics reports the start of production of the first batch of  the therapeutic human COVID-19 antibody COR-101 for Phase I testing. COR-101 efficiently blocks the cell entry of SARS-CoV-2, thereby reducing infection with the  new coronavirus. Despite great hope into pandemic vaccine candidates, antivirals such as COR-101 are urgently needed to reduce virus titres, infectivity of infected people and the number of severe disease courses thus rescuing a good part of the 2 million people expected to die annually from COVID-19 without an effective therapeutic intervention.In the US, which has put three-digit million dollar funding into the development and sourcing of two Phase III antibodies – Regeneron’s REGN-COV and Lilliy’s Ly-COV555 – both developers have already applied for Emergency Use Application. In contrast, Europe’s policy makers have solely focussed on vaccination against SARS-CoV-2, leaving doctors at ICUs empty-handed with no sufficient medical means to  efficiently save the lives of EU patients.As COR-101 directly attacks the virus, its clinical use will focus on helping the patients who cannot be saved by vaccination. COR-101 is is designed to neutralize the coronavirus in patients who cannot built enough of their own antibodies in time including immuno-senescent patients whose immune system is not strong enough to create an immune response strong enough to fight of the pathogen.