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Epredia Announces The U.S. Launch Of SlideMate Laser | Provides State-of-the-Art Precision Slide Printing For Pathology Laboratories – Medical Device News Magazine

SlideMate Laser

Epredia, a global leader in precision cancer diagnostics, today announced that it has launched U.S. sales of SlideMate™ Laser, the newest addition to the company’s SlideMate portfolio of slide printers, which are used in pathology laboratories to identify and help track tissue samples.


Epredia has designed SlideMate Laser for clinical laboratories of any size looking to improve sample traceability. SlideMate Laser provides high-resolution, 600-dpi laser printing on microscope slides, enabling laboratories to include more identifying information directly on the tab of the slides that pathologists use in the cancer diagnostics workflow. This technology can embed up to 50 characters in a barcode on each slide, compared to 23 characters with traditional thermal transfer and ink jet technologies, helping to improve both patient sample tracking and efficiency.

Enhances Laboratory Efficiency

SlideMate Laser also enhances laboratory efficiency by optimizing the slide movements through the printer and reducing potential downtime compared to thermal transfer and ink jet printers. Without the need to purchase, ink, bulb or tape for slide printers, users can expect lower operational costs. With both on-demand and batch printing options, SlideMate Laser can integrate into a range a workflows. The laser printer’s software is easy to use and can be directly interfaced to a Laboratory Information System.

SlideMate Laser is the latest addition to Epredia’s world-class portfolio of precision cancer diagnostics products and services that provide a seamless end-to-end laboratory workflow. Epredia also offers the specialized slides designed for use with SlideMate Laser to help laboratories make a smooth transition to precision laser printing. This includes non-adhesion slides with Superfrost™ technology and adhesion slides with Superfrost PLUS™ technology to maximize tissue adherence. Slides are available in five colors, which laboratories can use to coordinate downstream activities.

Manufactured In San Benedetto del Tronto, Italy

SlideMate Laser is manufactured by Fa-Tech Diagnostics Italia SRL, located in San Benedetto del Tronto, Italy which Epredia’s parent company PHC Holdings Corporation acquired in 2021. All SlideMate Laser slides are manufactured by Epredia in the U.S. in its facility in Portsmouth, New Hampshire.