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Dr. Krishna Ella Awarded the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School Highest Medal of Honour for Exceptional Work in Public Health

Dr. Krishna Ella, Co-founder and Executive Chairman of Bharat Biotech, has been awarded the prestigious Dean’s medal by the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health. The award was presented to Dr. Ella by Dean Ellen J. MacKenzie during Bloomberg School’s Convocation Ceremony on May 22nd, 2024, in Baltimore, Maryland, for his exceptional leadership, enduring vision and contribution to improving public health.

John Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health acknowledges Dr Ella’s pioneering work, remarkable influence, and determination to develop an indigenous, innovative, and safe vaccine focused on global public health. This is the School’s highest honour, reserved for outstanding public health researchers and practitioners who demonstrate exceptional leadership in safeguarding and improving public health.

On receiving the Dean’s Medal from Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health Dr. Krishna Ella said, “I acknowledge this medal as a global recognition of India’s scientific excellence, and dedicate this medal to Bharat, which has shown remarkable success by advancing science and R&D, to our exemplary team of scientists, and the results of our strong commitment to public.”

Dr. Ella’s achievements are truly phenomenal. Among many other accomplishments, his contributions to shaping India’s policies on science, research and innovation have made possible the development of vaccines and monoclonal antibodies, including Covaxin®, India’s own COVID-19 vaccine, which has saved countless lives. Under Dr. Ella’s guidance, Bharat Biotech manufactured the first indigenous rotavirus vaccine (Rotavac®), the first WHO-prequalified Typhoid conjugate vaccine (Tybar TCV®) and Japanese Encephalitis Vaccine, JENVAC®. It is commendable for making these vaccines available to the poorest countries at low cost, saving thousands of lives of the poorest children worldwide.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Bharat Biotech developed COVAXIN®, India’s first Indigenous COVID-19 vaccine in a record time, conducting the largest-ever human clinical trials and peer-reviewed by world-leading medical journals. COVAXIN® has been instrumental in the country’s vision of self-reliance, in the fight against the virus, demonstrating significant efficacy and safety. The vaccine has been distributed globally, reinforcing Dr. Ella’s commitment to advancing healthcare accessibility and innovation worldwide. He now serves as the President of the Indian Vaccine Manufacturers’ Association (IVMA).

Under Dr. Ella’s leadership, Bharat Biotech is developing promising vaccines against Cholera, Malaria, Tuberculosis, Chikungunya, Zika, S. ParatyphiA, S. Typhimurium, S. Enteritidis, etc., which are in crucial clinical trial phases.

Dr. Ella is a first-generation entrepreneur, who established Bharat Biotech in the year 1996 is widely acknowledged for not only leading his company to a leadership position in paediatric and adult vaccine development, but also establishing world-class enterprises focused on human health, animal health (Biovet India), food processing (Ella Foods), and contract research services.

Led by Dr. Ella, Bharat Biotech has emerged as a global leader with 220 patents, ~20 vaccines, and bio-therapeutics, delivering more than 9 billion doses of lifesaving vaccines across 125 nations. Dr. Ella has made exceptional contributions to global health security by developing vaccines, focusing on finding affordable vaccines to fight neglected diseases that impact developing nations, backed by a safety-first approach.

Dr. Krishna Ella is acknowledged as the father of Genome Valley in Hyderabad, for his significant contributions in developing the vaccine ecosystem. which is now the largest cluster of life sciences in India. An ardent proponent of start-ups and innovation, he inspires the scientific world through his tireless dedication to making India a global powerhouse in vaccine research and development. He is further encouraging public and private sector collaboration.

About Bharat Biotech

Bharat Biotech (BBIL) is a biotech company in Genome Valley, Hyderabad, India. BBIL is a global leader with 145 patents, ~20 vaccines and bio-therapeutics, and registrations in 125 countries. These vaccines were developed through clinical trials in more than 20 countries worldwide and have been published in more than 100 peer-reviewed journals. The company has manufactured and supplied more than 9 billion doses of vaccines globally, saving millions of lives and livelihoods annually.

The company has world-class vaccine and bio-therapeutics research, product development, manufacturing, and distribution facilities. BBIL has developed vaccines for infectious diseases, including Hepatitis B, Pentavalent (DPT+HepB+Hib), Rabies, Typhoid, polio, H1N1 influenza, Japanese Encephalitis (JENVAC®), India’s first Rotavirus vaccine, the world’s first Typhoid conjugate vaccine, TYPBAR TCV®, novel vaccines for COVID-19 such as COVAXIN® and INCOVACC®. BBIL introduced WHO pre-qualified vaccines, namely BIOPOLIO®, ROTAVAC®, ROTAVAC 5D®, and TYPBAR TCV®, in several countries worldwide.

BBIL has a strong pipeline of innovative vaccines against malaria, cholera, tuberculosis, Para Typhi A, non-typhoidal salmonella, chikungunya, and Zika. The acquisition of Chiron Behring Vaccines has positioned Bharat Biotech as one of the world’s largest rabies vaccine manufacturers with CHIRORAB® and INDIRAB®. To learn more about BBIL, visit