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Developing treatments for rare pediatric diseases – Beyond Biotech – the podcast from Labiotech

Beyond Biotech – the podcast from Labiotech

Developing treatments for rare pediatric diseases

Jun 07, 2024


Rare diseases affect around 1 in 2,000 people. Many of the thousands of rare diseases are difficult to diagnose. Of the known rare diseases, about 80% have genetic causes.  

Leukodystrophies are a group of rare genetic disorders for which there is currently no curative therapy.

This week on the podcast we are discussing novel treatments of rare pediatric diseases in a conversation with Dan Williams, CEO, executive director and co-founder of Synaptix Bio. Synaptix Bio is working on developing treatments for severe leukodystrophies. 

The company has partnered with the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia to take a TUBB4a leukodystrophy therapy to the clinic and beyond. 

01:41-05:08: About Synaptix Bio
05:08-07:07: What are rare diseases?
07:07-09:36: How do you develop treatments for rare diseases?
09:36-11:15: How many rare diseases have treatments?
11:15-13:32: What is the space looking like for companies looking to develop rare disease treatments?
13:32-14:10: How does the fact that many rare diseases are genetic affect drug development?
14:10-16:21: Do the low numbers of people with rare diseases affect funding and research? 
16:21-17:55: Are the drugs being developed useful in treating other diseases?
17:55-22:44: What is H-ABC?
22:44-23:25: Are there any treatments for H-ABC? 
23:25-25:15: Where is Synaptix Bio with clinical trials?
25-15-27:40: How do you design clinical trials for H-ABC with the number of patients being low?

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