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CPHI: Trends shaping pharma’s path

This week CPHI 2023 will unite industry leaders, innovators, and start-ups to explore sustainable solutions, cutting-edge technologies, and collaborative partnerships.

Despite challenges such as funding slowdowns for biotechs and concerns about high inflation, the industry remains cautiously optimistic, with projections indicating a resurgence in funding and a strong pipeline of drugs in development. From October 24th to 26th, Barcelona will host the CPHI Barcelona 2023, offering a deep dive into the current trends influencing the pharmaceutical sector. In an exclusive interview with Sherma Ellis Daal, Brand Director of Pharma at Informa Markets, several key industry insights were revealed. “There is really something for everyone in this year’s programme.”

The event’s agenda focuses on pertinent industry themes, including next-gen biomanufacturing, patient-centric development, manufacturing 4.0, and emerging modalities like mRNA and gene therapies. Sessions aim to explore the intersection between biotechnology and the broader pharmaceutical landscape, addressing challenges and opportunities in drug formulation and quality management. “So viewed holistically and the big trends are that new technologies are proliferating from continuous manufacturing, and formulation technology to machine learning and single use. Therefore, the most successful companies will be those that learn how to harness these early to expedite development timelines and improve efficiencies” explains Daal. Acknowledging the importance of sustainability, CPHI Barcelona has also implemented programs to minimise its environmental impact. “Sustainability – as anyone that attends will see – is now a huge issue for CPHI Barcelona. Moving forwards this will be one of the main focuses in the years ahead”, said Daal. These efforts extend beyond the event, with initiatives aimed at fostering sustainable practices within the industry. An industry suitability report outlines global sustainability initiatives and provides guidance for companies seeking to reduce their carbon footprint.While the event anticipates fostering critical discussions, it remains to be seen how these dialogues will impact the future trajectory of the pharmaceutical sector.