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Covishield was dangerous and Covaxin was like placebo, they all fooled us for their own benefits: Vaccine Expert Prof Guntaka Ramareddy, India’s first recombinant vaccine developer

By Kamal Pratap Singh, Managing Editor, Biotech Express

Now it is apparent that covishield is indeed responsible for deaths of many who were not subjected to emergency vaccination. The governments and the international organizations including Blackrock, Bill and Melinda Gates foundation forced people to take vaccine for the sake of profit of their partners, one of them is Serum Institute of India (SII). But that is not limited to serum only, Bharat Biotech the other company was also criticized for their low quality as safe as water vaccine. Ethically if we see the history, only one company in India has actually produced biotech drugs without compromising with safety and that is Shantha Biotech. Let see in this article what has been said about vaccines till now and what we can expect in the future.

A recent study by IMS BHU on covaxin side effects has raised questions on the safety of Covaxin but our expert while mocking at the study told us that this cannot be right because water alone cannot be harmful, so vaccine per se is not harmful but its ingredients can be. And so it came out true, ICMR objected the study and now many points came that proves that the study is full of flaws. After this Prof Sankha Shubhra Chakrabarti, the author is facing internal investigation by IMS and has been warned of legal and administrative action. UHO in this regard has written an open letter to ICMR urging release of phase 3 follow- up data of Covaxin that has been pending from a long time.

Let us see what has been uncovered till now. Two major COVID- 19 vaccine makers in India came into news of national importance, when AstraZeneca (in India formula used as Covishield) admitted in UK court that its vaccine could “in very rare cases” cause Thrombosis Thrombocytopenia Syndrome or TTS which can lead to blood clots. And Covaxin, when an IMS BHU study claimed side effects among respondents like strokes, autoimmune disorders, menstrual disturbances, eye disorders etc.

Before going further in detail it is important to point out here that ethically if we see the history, only one company in India has been able to keep itself out of controversies while producing biotech drugs without compromising with safety, Shantha Biotech company now under Sanofi was also first in India that produced indigenous vaccine.

Not once or twice BIOTECH EXPRESS has continuously published articles warning people, regulators and law makers to stop COVID-19 vaccination of masses (See Box 2 for timeline of articles). Although it is still not understood that why it was a pandemic when the mortality was less than 0.01 and those died were actually due to comorbidity. But the government shut down whole country for almost two years and opened on one condition i.e vaccination.

The country with a population 0f 1.4 billion, almost 90% people were vaccinated by Covishield and only a chunk of 10% went to Bharat biotech and others and that could be a reason why we do not see so many adverse events reporting in Covaxin.

If we see profits, SII made around 1 lakh crore by selling Covishield and that is not all, they got around Rs.10,000 crore from government as subsidy. Though they donated some money to PM care fund and electoral bonds but that was only 0.1% of the profits they made. Similarly Bharat biotech also received huge subsidy from government and with this public money they expanded their empire for their own personal benefits. Ethically, they were not working for public which they shouted to everyone.

If we see big Indian biotech players which are few, almost every other is surrounded by controversies, two of them we discussed, the third giant is Biocon but it has also faced criticism when its employee caught red handed by CBI for bribing drug regulator in April 2023.

The only exception is Shantha biotech which developed India first recombinant biotech drug vaccine against Hepatitis- B. The developer Prof Guntaka Ramareddy and industrialist Dr Vara Prasad Reddy duo though did not made huge profit but gave India an edge which made history. It reminds us of Jonas Edward Salk who developed one of the first successful polio vaccines in 1955 but never patented it for the sake of public welfare. But SII and Bharat biotech have emerged out as predators which made enormous wealth when the whole community was seeking for their help.

Problem with Covishield
Covishield can be dangerous and has side effects that can be fatal. The truth came to attention when recently in April 2024 AstraZeneca admitted in court that its vaccine could “in very rare cases” cause Thrombosis Thrombocytopenia Syndrome or TTS. But it is not new for us to understand, Biotech Express has been continuously publishing such warnings since the clinical trials of the Covishield vaccine began. And probably Biotech Express is the only magazine that went against all odds for the benefit of people and readers and warned about side effects of Covishield in a timely manner.

Covishield is now under scanner and many lies will be uncovered once the investigation begins. But there is one and only one right thing said by Adar Poonawalla about COVID vaccines is that “Covaxin is as safe as water”. This statement went viral and made Krishna Ella furious after which heated argument started between the two.

Showing Covaxin’s superiority amid debate over the side effects of Covishield, Bharat Biotech on 2nd May 2024 released a statement highlighting the very safety of its COVID-19 vaccine.

Problem with Covaxin
To know about the safety and efficacy of Covaxin, we talked to world’s renowned Virologist Prof Guntaka Ramareddy. Prof Guntaka said, it can be very well said that it is as safe as water or act like placebo because the dosage is insufficient to elicit immune response. COVAXIN contains 6µg of whole-virion inactivated SARS-CoV-2 antigen in 0.5 ml and miniscule quantity of immunogen spike protein which is not enough even for a 250 gram rat. If we talk about safety, there are two reasons which make it unsafe, first it is whole virion inactivated vaccine and such vaccine have always possibility of live virus comes into suspension and this live virus become activated once inside the host. Secondly, it is developed through vero culture technology which presents chances of infection in cell culture itself.

Though the chances of side effects by Covaxin are less but they cannot be ignored due to the above reasons. It is apparent that IMS BHU study has many shortcomings that indicates poor scientific research or motivated research and warrants retraction but further study should be done to know more because where there is smoke there is fire.

Opportunity seeker in disaster
So we can understand that neither the Covishield nor the Covaxin was appropriate for mass inoculation but it was done under the umbrella of emergency and restricted use authorization. If we see the timeline of events that occurred from the start of pandemic unto whole country vaccination we will feel that we were made fool by government regulators and big pharma players. The fake testing kits were used to inflate the infection data, comorbidities were shown under COVID- 19 deaths, flu was ignored, political gathering were allowed but common people arrested in their homes, huge number of mask challans were issued, food supplies were restricted to vaccinated, intra-state border pass were given to fully vaccinated only, basic medical facilities allowed to vaccinated etc. etc.

It all started with a one day observation, then 7 day lockdown but then slowly it went up to two years until pharma players like sanitizer suppliers, RT PCR and other tests kits maker, drug maker and particularly vaccine makers squeezed the pockets of a common man.

The ultimate profit maker in all this seasoned pandemic were vaccine makers and we all can recall what has not been done to force vaccination. Though government at centre replied to Supreme Court of India that vaccination is not mandatory but we know how they restricted basic facilities to unvaccinated and we were not free to decide anything about our body safety.

Stand of Universal Health Organisation (UHO)
UHO, wrote an open letter to Dr Rajiv Bahl, criticizing steps taken by ICMR to suppress facts arise from IMS BHU study and asked if this should be done by ICMR itself. UHO also pointed out that there is one study that has come, now even after two years neither Bharat Biotech nor the ICMR has published the long-term safety results of the original phase-3 trials of Covaxin.

They wrote, in Sep 2022, Bharat Biotech, the manufacturer of Covaxin, had published a study on Covaxin for ages 2-18. This study too lacked a control group. Furthermore, it had a mere 175 adolescents in the 12-18 age-group, likely around just 80-90 in the 15-18 age-group, and it too had only 56 days of follow-up. In comparison, the IMS-BHU study has 635 adolescents in the 15-18 age-group followed-up for a year. These aspects further underscore the intrinsic value of the IMS-BHU study despite its stated limitations.

The Universal Health Organisation (, was conceived in February 2022 in the presence of Dr Peter McCullough and Dr Gopi from USA when the need for an independent health organisation free from various conflicts of interest was felt during the Covid-19 pandemic. The pandemic which got prolonged for almost 2 years, exposed number of fault lines in the public health policies and their implementation in almost all countries of the globe. UHO was formed to ensure impartial, truthful, unbiased and relevant information on health reaches every citizen of the world to make informed choices pertaining to their health.

The working committee of UHO includes Dr. Amitav Banerjee, MD, Clinical Epidemiologist. Prof & Head, Community Medicine, Dr DY Patil Medical College, Pune, India; Dr. Arvind Singh Kushwaha, Department of Community Medicine, AIIMS, Nagpur; Dr. Veena Raghava, MBBS, DA, Clinical Nutrition (NIN); Dr. Praveen K Saxena, MBBS, DMRD, FCMT; Dr. Maya Valecha, MD, DGO, Vadodara, Gujarat; Dr. Gayatri Panditrao, BHMS (Homoeopathic Consultant), PGDEMS, Pune; Mr. Ashutosh Pathak, Journalist, QVIVE, Delhi; Mr. Prakash Pohare, Journalist, Deshonnati, Akola; Prof. Bhaskaran Raman, Professor, Department of CSE, IIT Bombay.

From past few months we are seeing people dying suddenly due to heart attacks and it is very well established that clots leads to either heart attack or brain injury. So is it time to think now that Covishield indeed is responsible for all those heart attacks? If yes what to do next? For this also we wrote from time to time about the Awaken India movement and Indian Bar Association, Mumbai which have been life saver for many people. Either advocating for unnecessary restriction, vaccine mandates or compensation to people who reported adverse events, these two organizations have helped many people to raise their voices against draconian measures and ending pandemic situation.

So what if you are also a victim of false play of these vaccine companies? First of all you must go for checking blood clots in your body and seek medical advice from a RECOGNIZED doctor. If you have any of the symptoms given in BOX 1 then you must go after the vaccine maker for compensation because judicial court also admits that these companies made billions of rupees and they must compensate the victims. Thirdly, you may take a look at all the articles written by us for taking more informed decision about your next move…

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