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Corporate Hospitals forge path to TB elimination at Leadership Summit in New Delhi

Corporate Hospitals forge path to TB elimination at Leadership Summit in New Delhi

Posted on March 12, 2024 Updated on March 10, 2024

In a resounding declaration of solidarity and commitment, Corporate Hospitals from across India convened in New Delhi for a seminal workshop aimed at fortifying the nation’s fight against tuberculosis (TB).

The workshop served as a catalyst for change, inspiring participant hospitals to pledge their commitment to establishing System for TB Elimination in Private Sector (STEPS) centers within their premises.

Hosted under the aegis of the Central TB Division, Union Ministry of Health, the gathering heralded a new era of collaboration between the private and public sectors, laying the groundwork for a transformative initiative poised to redefine TB care standards nationwide.

The workshop, organized by The Union-led Corporate TB Pledge initiative in partnership with the Association of Healthcare Providers India (AHPI) and supported by USAID through the iDEFEAT TB Project, drew over 60 representatives from more than 20 leading hospitals, underscoring the gravity and urgency of the TB crisis facing the country. Against the backdrop of impending Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) targets, which cast a looming deadline for TB elimination by 2025, the event assumed paramount significance, galvanizing stakeholders towards a common purpose.

Central to the discussions was the imperative role of Corporate Hospitals in driving excellence and innovation in TB care delivery. With private healthcare facilities accounting for over 50% of TB diagnoses in India, there exists a vast reservoir of potential waiting to be tapped.

According to experts, the Workshop for Corporate Hospitals on Enhancing Quality of TB Care will be remembered as a watershed moment, a testament to the power of collective action and the unwavering resolve to build a healthier, TB-free nation.”

With 20 corporate hospitals in Delhi NCR already committing to initiate STEPS, the ripple effects of this collaborative endeavor are poised to reverberate across the healthcare landscape, offering hope and inspiration to millions afflicted by TB.

The STEPS centers, envisaged as hubs of excellence in TB care, represent a paradigm shift in healthcare delivery, offering a holistic suite of services encompassing diagnosis, treatment, public health interventions, and social welfare linkages. Rooted in the ethos of patient-centric care, these centers are poised to revolutionize the landscape of TB management, setting new benchmarks for quality and efficiency.

The resounding success of the workshop was further amplified by the launch of the ‘AHPI END TB Initiative,’ a collaborative endeavor between AHPI and the Corporate TB Pledge initiative. This ground-breaking initiative seeks to advocate for the widespread adoption of STEPS across AHPI member hospitals, with the aim of standardizing TB care protocols and expanding access to underserved communities.

Distinguished luminaries and key stakeholders graced the occasion with their presence, including Dr. K K Tripathy, Economic Advisor (TB), Union Ministry of Heallth, Dr. Rajendra P Joshi, DDG (TB), and Michelle Lang Alli, director of the Office of Health USAID India, among others. Their collective wisdom and unwavering resolve underscored the critical importance of collaborative action in confronting TB, a disease that continues to exact a heavy toll on public health and well-being.

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