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Clinical Trials Day 2024: A Call to Reflect, Engage & Inspire – SOCRA Blog

Clinical Trials Day is a moving reminder of the clinical research community’s pivotal role in shaping the future of the field. It’s a day of reflection for us to thank you and also a call to action, urging us to actively engage in advancing clinical research to drive innovation, improve patient outcomes, and enhance healthcare.

In this article, we’ll reflect on the successes of our SOCRA Chapter Volunteers to demonstrate the vast possibilities we can uncover together. For those who feel inspired to take action, chapter volunteers will share valuable tips for starting a local SOCRA chapter. These chapters empower local clinical research communities and provide a platform for personal growth and career development, enabling you to make a difference while fueling your professional aspirations.

Celebrating Chapter Success Stories

Amid the celebration of Clinical Trials Day, we’d like to honor the achievements of the SOCRA Baltimore Area Chapter.

SOCRA Baltimore Area Chapter

Chapter chair, Casey Jackson shared the significant progress that the Baltimore Chapter has achieved in less than two years. This includes expanding the committee from 2 to 5 members. Casey Jackson celebrated her speaking engagement at the 2023 Annual Conference and election to the SOCRA Board of Directors. Additionally, co-chair, Scott Wehage, was nominated for the SOCRA Board of Directors. Three committee members have been selected to speak at the 2024 Annual Conference in Las Vegas, with one member, Michelle Mederios, as a closing plenary speaker. The chapter also implemented innovative initiatives such as the local member highlight and speaker appreciation programs to recognize members’ contributions and enhance their visibility in the industry. Three committee members have acquired new jobs or promotions, and three have presented for the chapter. Overall, the Baltimore chapter has successfully hosted 20 meetings and continues to thrive in its efforts to support and empower its members.

“None of this would have been possible on the shoulders of one chair. I am incredibly proud of our

chapter committee members, their dedication to the success of the chapter and its members, and their effort to support SOCRA’s future.“ – Casey Jackson, Baltimore Chapter Chair

Remarkable accomplishments like these are prevalent among SOCRA chapters in the US, Canada, and across the globe, reaching countries as diverse as Belgium, Brazil, Nigeria, Poland, Saudi Arabia, and the United Arab Emirates. If you’re inspired to continue this momentum, keep reading to explore the insights and strategies for starting a local SOCRA chapter near you.

How to Start a SOCRA Chapter: Advice from Chapter Chairs

Experienced chapter chairs Casey Jackson (Baltimore Chapter), Wendy Lloyd (Nashville Chapter), and Allie Mosing (San Jose Chapter) have offered helpful tips for building and sustaining successful SOCRA chapter programs, all to empower clinical research communities.

1. Build a Dedicated Team

Assemble a committed team of 2-3 members willing to share responsibilities and contribute expertise. Recognize their efforts to foster accountability and collaboration, creating a supportive environment for common goals.

2. Establish a Consistent Meeting Schedule

Commit to regular monthly meetings to maintain an engaged membership base. Start and end meetings on time to respect attendees’ schedules and sustain interest in chapter activities.

3. Engage Attendees and Recognize Contributions

Express gratitude for attendees’ participation and suggestions to foster belonging and appreciation. Implement initiatives to highlight and appreciate local members’ contributions and motivate further involvement.

4. Promote the Chapter and Increase Attendance

LinkedIn personal and professional networks help expand the chapter’s reach, connect with potential members and speakers, and promote meetings. Start a LinkedIn page to disseminate information, recruitment efforts, and announcements easily. Additionally, utilizing personal and professional connections can assist with outreach efforts, extending the chapter’s visibility within the clinical research community. Finally, request SOCRA’s support in announcing meetings to amplify the chapter’s reach further and attract new attendees.

5. Implement Strategic Planning and Diversified Topics

Conduct regular check-ins to brainstorm relevant topics and presenters, ensuring meetings

remain engaging and informative. Tap into members’ expertise and industry contacts for diverse presentation ideas.

6. Enhance the Meeting Experience

Offer light refreshments for in-person meetings to create a welcoming environment. Ensure meetings are efficient and minimize technical difficulties to enhance attendee satisfaction.

7. Provide Professional Development and Networking Opportunities

Encourage member involvement for professional growth and development. Offer opportunities for members to present and showcase their work, promoting knowledge sharing and collaboration.

This Clinical Trials Day, consider leveling up your involvement in shaping the future of healthcare while advancing your professional growth. By getting involved in SOCRA chapters, you’ll join a group of like-minded individuals committed to making a difference in clinical research across the globe. If you have more questions about starting a chapter, lean on our team to help. Contact us directly or visit our website for more information about the SOCRA chapter program.