China’s strength is innovation on innovation, Western partners are lining up


Deep antibody expertise is a platform for leaps in new assets and technologies as Asia biotechs become increasingly competitive

By C. Simone Fishburn, Editor in Chief 

November 9, 2023 1:30 AM UTC

Amidst the fight for attention as companies seek partners to help them grow, or survive, is a new source of competition: China. With almost a decade of growth since the major regulatory reforms of 2015, China’s biotech ecosystem is building its footprint through “innovation on innovation” – rapidly iterating on technologies to create next-gen versions even before the first-gen ones have reached their prime. That brand of innovation is drawing partners to high-value deals, both with MNCs and Western biotechs.

No longer just a destination as the second-largest market for selling drugs, China has established itself as a source of innovation that competes globally. Though pharmas have gone back and forth with having research arms in China, they are alert to the rapid change. Three pharma CEOs have in the past few weeks spoken out about the opportunities they see. …