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Cheers To The World’s Greatest T1Dad! – Children’s Diabetes Foundation

Author: Lindsay Klatt

Being the dad of two daughters already has its highs and lows; having one of them (who admittedly was already a little feisty) diagnosed with type 1 diabetes makes him a saint. My wonderful dad navigated these challenges with such love and grace. As we approach Father’s Day and as I recently celebrated my 27th Diaversary, I reflect on the things he deserves to be thanked for. There are too many to count and no way to properly express gratitude for the additional struggles type 1 fathers face, but here’s a toast to a few of the things etched on my heart:

Cheers to my dad who, when I was diagnosed, had the best balance of acknowledging the sadness of the event and being encouraging for the future. It made me feel seen to see him upset, and to see him determined. He has always maintained that balance I am so grateful for.

Cheers to my dad who set an alarm every night to check my blood sugar and give me chocolate milk if I needed it. That poor man hasn’t had a great night’s sleep in 27 years.

Cheers to my dad who poked his own fingers with a lancing device and stabbed syringes into his leg to make sure he knew what it felt like.

Cheers to my dad who made appointments at the Barbara Davis Center for Diabetes an important and fun family event, with lunch included!

Cheers to my single father, who paid for all my RX supplies well into college. In high school, he kept a checkbook where I could grab it to take any time I needed to go to the pharmacy.

Cheers to my dad who helped me navigate all of life’s events with diabetes – sports, sleepovers, driving, travel, college, drinking, living on my own, and more!

Cheers to my dad who STILL has a collection of sharps containers full of needles in his garage that I have yet to handle.

Cheers to my dad who asks how my blood sugars are and how I’m feeling all the time as a woman in my 30s; and who lets me still ask him how many carbs he thinks are in some types of food!

Cheers to my dad who has made sure I never feel alone in managing my diabetes – still to this day.

Cheers to the most wonderful dad in the world; and to all the dads of those living with type 1 diabetes. Your extra worries and effort are compounded with the normal challenges of fatherhood, but we see you and we are so grateful for you! Happy Father’s Day!