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Cerevel drug for Parkinson’s disease improved symptom control in trial

Cerevel Therapeutics, a neuroscience biotech that AbbVie is acquiring, reported that its drug for Parkinson’s disease improved motor symptom control as an add-on therapy in a late-stage trial.

The 27-week study found that patients taking the drug, tavapadon, on top of a common Parkinson’s treatment called levodopa, experienced 1.7 hours of improvement in “on time” without dyskinesia, which is the amount of time patients function well without involuntary movements that can be brought on by levodopa. That compared to 0.6 hours of improvement among patients taking placebo and levodopa.


This difference was statistically significant and clinically meaningful, Cerevel said in a press release Thursday. There was also a statistically significant decrease in “off time,” the amount of time patients experienced symptoms. The full results will be submitted for presentation at future medical meetings.

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