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Can cell therapy tackle hearing loss? – Beyond Biotech – the podcast from Labiotech

Beyond Biotech – the podcast from Labiotech

Can cell therapy tackle hearing loss?

May 31, 2024


Hearing loss is a huge – and growing – global challenge.

Using its OSPREY platform, UK-based Rinri Therapeutics is developing a portfolio of off-the-shelf regenerative cell therapy products to address sensorineural hearing loss, a significant global medical challenge. 

The company’s lead asset, Rincell-1, is designed to regenerate auditory neurons and provide a novel treatment for patients with severe-to-profound age-related hearing loss or auditory neuropathy. The company is looking to start first-in-human trials in 2025.

Today, on the podcast we have a conversation with Rinri CEO Simon Chandler about the different kinds of hearing loss, what’s being done to tackle them, and Rinri’s novel approach to treatments.

01:08-03:19: About Rinri Therapeutics
03:19-05:16: About hearing loss
05:16-07:31: Mental health and hearing loss
07:31-10:22: The different kinds of hearing loss
10:22-11:37: The importance of early intervention
11:37-13:46: What is Rinri doing to tackle hearing loss?
13:46-15:58: The difficulty of accessing the cochlea
15:58-19:12: Is your treatment a cure for hearing loss?
19:12-20:45: Would repeat treatment be necessary?
20:45-23:30: Are other companies working on hearing loss?
23:30-25:27: The cost of treating hearing loss
25:27-27:13: The economic costs of hearing loss
27:13-28:33: Rinri treatment timelines
28:33-30:15: The rest of Rinri’s pipeline

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