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BioNTech collaborates with AGC Biologics

AGC Biologics supports BioNTech’s manufacturing of an Omicron-based vaccine with plasmids for in vitro transcription.

As Pfizer Inc and German mRNA vaccine developer BioNTech SE plan to kick of clinical testing of an Omicron-specific vaccine in late March they have sourced additional pDNA materials. The plasmids are crucial for in-vitro transcription of the additional mRNA jab. Consequently, BioNTech has expanded its existing partnership with the plasmid DNA producer AGC Biologics.

The CDMO’s Chief Executive Officer, Patricio Massera, said: “Our pDNA services are a part of our growing global Cell and Gene Therapy offering that includes the development and manufacturing of cell therapies, viral vectors, and messenger RNA.”  The mRNA encoding Omicrom spike protein will be produced at AGC Biologics’ production site in Heidelberg.

Besides mRNA, the CDMO develops and manufactures mammalian and microbial-based therapeutic proteins, and genetically engineered cells. The company’s global network spans the U.S., Europe, and Asia, with cGMP-compliant facilities in Seattle, Washington; Boulder and Longmont, Colorado; Copenhagen, Denmark; Heidelberg, Germany; Milan, Italy; and Chiba, Japan,