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Beurer Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor BC 28


Monitor your blood pressure with great ease with the help of the Beurer BC 28 Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor. This blood pressure monitor secures to the wrist to allow you to get an accurate reading in seconds, without having to fumble with a bulky arm cuff. This makes them particularly useful for those who need to take their blood pressure readings while they are on the go.

Features of Beurer BC 28 Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor

  • This unit is fully automatic. Hence it will measure the pulse and blood pressure with just one touch of a button. On its clear, easy to read screen, it measures your blood pressure in no time at all.
  • This unit also checks your heartbeat rhythm and detects any irregular rhythms, alerting you in such a case.
  • In the event that you do not have the Monitor properly secured, it will show a message on the screen to indicate this.
  • The device is intended for wrist sizes with a circumference between 14.0 and 19.5 centimeters. This ensures it should comfortably fit most users.
  • The averages of your morning and evening blood pressure readings for the past seven days will be saved. This allows you to keep track of any concerning trends.
  • Featuring two 60-slot memory spaces, you can also save your individual readings.
  • When the battery of the monitor runs low, it will indicate this to you on the screen. Hence you can charge it before your next use.
  • After it has been idle for some time, it will automatically shut off. This prolongs the battery life.
  • Alongside your blood pressure and heart rate information, the screen of this blood pressure monitor will also show the date and time.
  • It comes in a convenient storage box, so you can keep it neatly stored away between uses.
Reviewed by Dr. Aleksandar Grbovic