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As House advances Biosecure Act, Congress is urged to think bigger

ARTICLE | Politics, Policy & Law

Proactive approach advocated to advance the bioeconomy

By Steve Usdin, Washington Editor

May 15, 2024 9:54 PM UTC

As the Biosecure Act continues its virtually unopposed progress through Congress, propelled by enthusiasm for decoupling the U.S. and Chinese life sciences sectors, American biotech industry leaders and national security analysts are calling for more proactive policies to bolster the U.S. bioeconomy.

Wednesday before the House Oversight and Accountability Committee nearly unanimously endorsed the Biosecure Act (H.R. 8333), members from both parties accused Chinese biotech companies of engaging in a variety of nefarious activities. They said the bill is needed to protect national security, Americans’ privacy, and the intellectual property of U.S. companies.