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Article – Changing The Shape Of Clinical Trials – Cerba Research

Cerba Research is the Belgian division of the French Group Cerba Healthcare. The company facilitates clinical studies and lab tests, and supports the entire logistics chain. What are the developments in this market and what does the future bring?

Cerba Research may not be known to the general public, but the company does have reputable pharmaceutical companies as customers. Why do they join forces with Cerba Research, and which added value can the organization in Ghent offer? Pharmaceutical companies may have testing capabilities, but the entire logistics process that surrounds it is our specialty. For example, how can you distribute sample kits quickly, efficiently and without issues? That’s what we are perfectly suited to do. We gather all the materials needed to collect samples and deliver them neatly in kits. We also process and prepare all the patient data paperwork. Once all the data has been received, we order lab tests, in our own labs or through partners. The results are then made available to the client via PDF’s and our electronic portal.

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