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American Clinical Research Services Acquires Elixia, Oxford BioDynamics, King’s College London Collaborate, Recursion’s Supercomputer Ranked, More

By Clinical Research Team  

May 29, 2024 | American Clinical Research Services has acquired Elixia; Oxford BioDynamics and King’s College London are teaming up in the immediate follow up of the APIPPRA trial, the largest RA prevention trial to date; Recursion’s BioHive-2 was dubbed No. 35 on the latest TOP500 list of the world’s fastest supercomputers; more. 

American Clinical Research Services has acquired Elixia. Elixia has carved a niche in tackling intricate clinical challenges across nephrology, neuroscience, and infectious diseases, with a notable specialization at its 40 bed Phase I unit in Tampa, Florida, focused on renal and hepatically impaired patients. Press release

Oxford BioDynamics is collaborating with the King’s College London team in the immediate follow up of the APIPPRA trial, the largest RA prevention trial to date. The APIPPRA trial of Abatacept was a multicenter trial in 213 individuals at high risk of rheumatoid arthritis. In the immediate follow-up of the successful trial, The King’s College London team has now engaged  OBD’s EpiSwitch technology, which has already delivered successful results on prognosis of disease and prediction of response to treatment, to identify which patients are at the highest risk of progressing to RA and are likely to benefit from the therapeutic intervention with Abatacept, in both the short and long term. Press release

OM1 introduced three new products: OM1 Orion, OM1 Lyra, and OM1 Polaris powered by PhenOMTM—an artificial intelligence-powered digital phenotyping platform for personalized medicine and clinical research. OM1 is the leader in providing Real-World Evidence (RWE) insights from bench to bedside, leveraging advanced predictive and generative AI platforms coupled with deep clinical data to empower healthcare stakeholders. Press release

Oracle announced new capabilities in Oracle Clinical One Randomization and Trial Supply Management (RTSM). With new enhancements for use, access, and regionalization, Clinical One RTSM users can address dynamic, country-specific regulations and requirements, and gain speed, reliability, and transparency of trials from commencement to closeout. Press release

Boehringer Ingelheim is adopting the transformative new functionality of ArisGlobal’s LifeSphere Clarity. LifeSphere Clairty provides access to knowledge graphs, association graphs, medical case clustering, and more advanced capabilities to drive better understanding the “why” of safety-relevant occurrences and more efficient and standardized risk management for patient safety and pharmacovigilance teams. Press release

OGT has launched the RNA-based SureSeq Myeloid Fusion Panel, a novel next-generation sequencing tool for identifying key fusion genes implicated in acute myeloid leukemia (AML). Designed in collaboration with myeloid cancer experts, the SureSeq Myeloid Fusion Panel ensures results meet the latest clinical research recommendations by efficiently identifying over 30 key disease-associated fusions in AML—including KMT2A and MECOM fusions—in a single assay. Press release

Lindus Health has released a comprehensive contract research organization (CRO) offering tailor-made for sponsors looking to bring diagnostic products to market. With the  introduction of the All-in-One Diagnostics CRO, Lindus will elevate its diagnostics clinical trials by leveraging its expertise in the testing, monitoring, and biomarker identification of indications across nearly all therapeutic areas and addresses the challenges associated with recruiting and managing data for very large patient studies. Press release

CuriMeta and NashBio announced a data licensing agreement that will bring together specific multi-modal, multi-omic datasets from both CuriMeta and NashBio, allowing life science researchers to tap into particularly diverse data relative to patient location, age, ancestry, and disease and enable research that would otherwise not be possible. Press release