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Alcanza Clinical Research Awards Scholarships to Mainland High School Graduates, Promoting Careers in Clinical Trials | Alcanza Clinical Research

Daytona Beach, Florida – May 22, 2024 — Alcanza Clinical Research (Alcanza) is pleased to announce the awarding of the Alcanza Future Research Heroes Scholarship to two graduating seniors from Mainland High School’s Academy of Scientific Inquiry and Medicine (ASIM) in Florida, as part of its commitment to promoting careers in clinical trials and supporting the educational pursuits of local students. The scholarships were presented during a ceremony on May 16th, with Rachel Truxall, VP Study Start Up and Performance and Carlos Orantes, CEO of Alcanza, in attendance to present the awards.

For the past two years, Rachel Truxall has been actively involved in the Mainland High School academy, delivering presentations on clinical trials and potential career paths within the industry. Given Alcanza’s presence of multiple Accel research sites in the area, it has been crucial to highlight research in the local community. Impressed by the academic rigor and proactive engagement of the students, Alcanza recognizes the value of providing opportunities for students to explore the healthcare field and encourages their pursuit of certifications such as EKG and BACE. The BACE certification serves as a hiring benchmark for those aspiring to careers in bioscience, emphasizing the importance of understanding clinical trials in the preparation process.

“We are dedicated to promoting our industry as a viable career path for students,” said Carlos Orantes. “The field of clinical trials offers diverse opportunities for personal and professional growth, and we are honored to play a role in inspiring the next generation of professionals.”

In addition to supporting students’ educational endeavors, Alcanza Clinical Research recognizes the importance of community engagement and sees the scholarship program as an opportunity to cultivate future talent within the organization. By fostering relationships with local schools and promoting awareness of clinical trials, Alcanza aims to contribute positively to the community while also nurturing potential future team members.

About Alcanza Clinical Research

Alcanza is an integrated network of research facilities dedicated to reducing barriers to clinical research participation, especially in underrepresented patient populations. The network includes 23 dedicated research units and several sites integrated within specialty clinics. These facilities are strategically located across the Southeast, Northeast, and Midwest regions of the United States as well as Puerto Rico. Alcanza supports studies that span all trial phases and major therapeutic areas.

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