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Alcanza Acquires North Georgia Clinical Research to Expand Opportunities for Research Participation | Alcanza Clinical Research

ORLANDO, Fla.June 3, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — With patient diversity becoming increasingly important to biopharmaceutical stakeholders, Alcanza Clinical Research, a mission-focused investigator site network, announces the acquisition of North Georgia Clinical Research (NGCR), an investigator site based in Woodstock, Georgia. As a research provider for more than two decades, NGCR specializes in general medicine studies involving Alzheimer’s disease prevention, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, digestive conditions, pain, as well as men’s and women’s health indications.

“Investigator site location is foundational to improving clinical trial diversity,” said Carlos Orantes, CEO of Alcanza. “NGCR’s proximity to a diverse range of patients in the Atlanta metropolitan area, as well as those in more rural areas of Georgia is central to our strategy of bringing more sites into our network who can help bridge the urban-rural gap in access to clinical trials and innovative medicine.”

“Since founding NGCR in 2002 and establishing a large base of volunteers and patients who have benefited from research participation, I am delighted for the opportunity to join the Alcanza network and take our research services to the next level,” said Dr. Bram Wieskopf, Founder and CEO of NGCR. “We will benefit from Alcanza’s national reach, integrated technology platforms and access to biopharma customers. Together, we’ll continue to support patients in need of access to new treatments and medications across Georgia’s expanding communities.”

About Alcanza Clinical Research

Alcanza is an integrated network of research facilities dedicated to reducing barriers to clinical research participation, especially in underrepresented patient populations. The network includes 24 dedicated research units and several additional sites integrated within specialty clinics. These facilities are strategically located across the Southeast, Northeast, and Midwest regions of the United States as well as Puerto Rico. Alcanza supports studies that span all trial phases and major therapeutic areas.

About North Georgia Clinical Research

North Georgia Clinical Research evaluates new therapies for many common medical problems that are faced by both women and men. We are focused on building a trusted reputation in the community for patients interested in clinical research opportunities and have received recognition as a top enrolling site across many clinical studies.


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