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Agomab Therapeutics to acquire Origo Biopharma

Belgian Agomab Therapeutics NV is expanding its European footprint by acuiring Barcelona-based fibrosis therapy specialist Origo Biopharma.

The companies didn’t publish any financial details. However, Origo Biopharma’s anti-fibrotic small molecule pipeline that targets the TGF-beta pathway seems to complement AgoMab Therapeutics’ human growth factor (HGF) mimetic antibody programs aimed at regenerating dysfunctional tissue.

While AgoMab’s lead candidate AGMB-101 is still in pre-IND stage, Origo progressed its lead programme Org-129 to dose-finding tests in humans this June and is expected to deliver results of safety testing in Q1/2022. Org-129 is a gastrointestinal tract restricted ALK-5 inhibitor designed to treat fibrostenotic Crohn’s disease. Origo is running another program in IND-enabling studies. ORG-447 is a lung-restricted ALK-5-inhibitor for treatment of idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis. Thus, the acquisition of Origo strengthens Agomab capabilities in targeting growth factor pathways.

Agomab, which currently closed a US$76m Series B financing and has raised about US$100m in total, said it will integrate Origo’s small molecule development platform, team and R&D facility in Touro (Galicia). Agomab has close links to the University of Torino, being spun-off in 2017 from the lab of Paolo Michieli. The combined organisation will focus on creating a rich clinical pipeline of therapeutics that address fibrosis and organ failure in multiple therapeutic areas.